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John Eads (also spelled Eades), Sr., RS, was born abt 1750 in Virginia. DAR Records has Virginia listed as his place of birth. He served in the military in the Revolutionary War. John's granddaughter, Margaret Ervin Austill, wrote a memoir "Life Of Margaret Ervin Austill." In her memoir, Margaret states that in 1811, her Uncle Daniel Eades, waved his father's (John Eads Sr) long sword that he'd carried in the Revolutionary War as a weapon during a conflict with Indians in Indian Territory that would later become the state of Alabama.

Georgia Tax Index 1789-1799 Name: Eades, John, County Richmond Year 1797 District Waggoner. He also owned land in Wilkes and Columbia Co GA. John died between December 1801 and January 1802 in Richmond Co GA. DAR records has Richmond Co GA listed as his place of death. He was buried in Richmond Co GA.

Extract of his Richmond Co GA Will of 8 Dec 1800:

"To my beloved daughters, Hanah Foalds, Prisillah Jinkins, Mary Willis, Charlotty Cobbs, $1.00 each.
To dau. Sarah Hughs $50.00 to be paid by my sun John Eads within three months from my decease.
To nefew (sic) John Hughs, son of the said Sarah, my smooth bore gun and ammunition.
To my niece (sic) Siltha Hughs, daughter of the said Sarah, one fether bed and furniture.
To my good friend Dolly Huff one blaze Face Sorrel mare and two cows and calves her choice of my stock one Loome and all the apperatus there unto belonging one Cotton Wheele one White Sow with a black spot on her rump and Seven pigs.
Also to my sun John Eads, two hundred and seventy two acres of land more or less lying in Columbia County on the Uche Creek whereon he now lives, with exception that he pay to my sun Daniel Eads $150.00 and to my daughter Sarah Hughs $50.00, within six months of my decease and if John does refuse to pay the said sums...the said Daniel and Sarah shall sell so much of the land as will raise the said sum...
Also, to my sun John a full set of Smiths tools now in his pofsesion.
To the said Dolley Huff one Mollatto girl named Rachel now about four years old, the right and title of the said girl to be confirmed unto (her) upon paying to Sarah Hughs $100 within four years of my decease also half of all the Seed Cotton now in my house.
Lastly, unto my well-beloved sun Daniel Eads the land whereon I now live with all its Improvements and five negroes Namely Gim, Charles, Stephen, Lucie, and Peter together with all my store of horses, Cattle and hogs not already bequeath and all the remainder of my estate without discrimination to him the Daniel Eads forever."

Witnesses to Will: Mary Foalds, John (x) Foalds, W. Wilkins.

A wife was not mentioned. Her name is unknown. She and John Eads, Sr., were married before 1770 in Virginia.

The Will was affirmed by Mary Foales and recorded on 4 Jan 1802 Richmond Co Court House Augusta GA.

On 11 Jan 1802 John Eads Jr and Daniel (x) Eads were appointed Administrators with bond set at $5,000. Securities were: William Fee and Wiliam Foster.

On 13 January 1804, John Eades and Daniel (x) Eades were again appointed Administrators, with bond now set at $4,000, deadline set at three months. Securities William Fee and George Fee.

On 22 March 1804 an "Inventory and Appraisement of the estate of John Eades, Senior, deceased", was submitted to the court by appraisers, Sam'l Pool, James Cobb, and Burrell Bullock. Signed by each and dated 16 March 1804.

John was survived by seven children: Sarah, John Jr., Daniel, Hannah, Priscilla, Mary and Charlotte.

Sarah was born ca 1766 in Virginia and died Tuesday 23 August 1853 in Union Parish Louisiana. Sarah married William Hughes Sr. Sarah Hughes stated in her widow's Revolutionary War pension request that she was married by Charles Crawford to William Hughes in Columbia Co GA about three years after the close of the Revolution.

Daniel born ca 1770 in Wilkes Co GA had a daughter Penelope Eades by an unknown woman. Penelope's mother may have been Indian. (Margaret Ervin Austill in her memoir states that Daniel was stolen by Indians from a Fort in Georgia when only a very young boy and his adoptive father was the tribal medicine man. On Wednesday 30 Oct 1793 John Eades Sr. filed an affidavit in a Columbia Co GA court stating that Daniel was being held captive at the Creek Indian town of Hilloby's. The affidavit was signed Monday 18 Nov 1793 and stated that Daniel was now answering to the name of Sausey Jack. Daniel later married Charity Watson in Warren Co GA on Monday 3 June 1805. Daniel died in 1826. Legal settlement of Daniel Eades estate dated 6 Sep 1826 recorded in East Feliciana Parish, Louisiana.

John Eades Jr. was born Friday 17 April 1772 in Georgia and died Saturday 20 April 1839 in Mobile, Mobile Co AL. He married Jane "Jenny" Fee 30 November 1797 in Augusta Richmond Co GA.

Hannah Eades married a Mr. Folds - probably George Folds, Jr.

Priscilla Eades married twice. Her first marriage was to Jesse Horn. Her second marriage was to Benjamin Jenkins.

Mary Eades married William Willis/Wills in Warren Co GA 18 October 1800.

Charlotte "Charlotty" Eades born 6 Sept 1781 near Augusta, Richmond Co GA and died 11 December 1847 in East Feliciana Parish, Louisiana. She married twice. First Daniel Cobbs in Columbia Co GA 9 Sept 1800 and moved to East Feliciana Parish Louisiana. SecondAvery Breed on 24 Apr 1816 in West Feliciana Parish, Louisiana after Daniel died.