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My Notes. Names in red are my ancestors.

William Kidd and Eliz Nethercote

William Kidd, who married Eliz Nethercoate (or Nethercote), father may have been: William Kidd b: 16 Mar 1558 in Soham Parrish, Cambridgeshire, England and his mother may have been Marion b: c1567 in Cambridge, England.

Eliz Nethercote parents may have been: Thomas Nethercote b: 15 Nov 1562 in Soham Parish, Cambridge, England and Margaret Liles b: 7 Apr 1572 in Soham Parrish, Cambridge, England.

Margaret Liles parents may have been John Liles and Joan of Soham Parrish, Cambridgeshire, England.

1. William b: 20 Oct 1622 in Soham Parrish, Cambridge, England. May have married Margaret Deare on 3 Feb 1644. Also may have been the father of William Kidd, known to history as the infamous Captain Kidd.
2. Thomas b: 8 Jan 1625/26 in Soham Parrish, Cambridgeshire, England
3. Jeremia b: 1 Feb 1626/27 in Soham Parrish, Cambridgeshire, England

Thomas Kidd and Jane Willis

1. Thomas b: 1669-1687 in Middlesex Co VA
2. Elizabeth b: 1 Sep 1672
3. William b: 22 Mar 1675
4. Jane b: 12 Jan 1678
5. Mary b: Aug 1679

In 1648 William Kidd came as an indentured servant sponsored by Richard Lee. He settled on 200 acres on the Burham Creek in Lancaster Co Va on the south side of the Rappahannock River, which became part of Middlesex Co. There were a number of land transactions involving Thomas Kidd between 1658 and 1674. By 1674 Thomas had acquired a 400 acre tract and a 200 acre tract in Middlesex Co. About 1669 Thomas Kidd married Jane Willis, daughter of Thomas Willis, whose lands adjoined those of Thomas Kidd.

William Kidd and Margaret ???

1. William b: 1700 in Middlesex Co., VA
2. Margaret b: 12 May 1702 Married: 17 Feb 1720 in Christ Church Middlesex VA John Southern
3. Robert b: 20 Jul 1703
4. Aggatha b: 5 Nov 1705 Marriage 1747 Middlesex VA William Cardweller b: 1703 Middlesex VA
5. Moses b: 31 Mar 1707
6. John b: 27 Feb 1708
7. Direll b: 11 Mar 1711 in Christ Church Middlesex Co VA
8. Aaron b: 8 Dec 1713 in Albermarle Co VA or Christ Church Middlesex Co VA
9. James b: 22 Apr 1716 in Christ Church Middlesex Co VA
10. Joseph b: 1 Mar 1718 in Christ Church Middlesex Co VA
11. Samuel b: 10 May 1720 in Christ Church Middlesex Co VA
11. Catherine b: 5 Nov 1721

James Kidd and Eliz Webb

1. William b: 1733 ?Caroline Co VA
2. James b: 4 Mar 1734 ?Caroline Co VA
3. Webb b: 2 Apr 1735 ?Caroline Co VA

James, son of William Kidd and Margaret Kidd, born Mar 27, 1716; baptized April 22, 1716 Christ Church Parish Middlesex Co VA.

James married Elizabeth Webb c1734 King & Queen Co VA, the dau of James Webb and Frances Herbert.

Webb Kidd and Eliz White

1. Mary "Polly" b: c1771 Albermarle Co VA d: 14 Aug 1853 Claiborne LA married: 18 Jan 1787 Wilkes Co GA William "Billy" Jennings b: 26 Feb 1761
2. Nancy Anne b: c1772 Albermarle Co VA d: c1806 AL married: 1794 Elbert Co GA Charter Harper b: c1767
3. William W b: 1 Sep 1774 in Allbermarle Co VA d: 28 Oct 1840 in Wetumpka Elmore Co AL buried: Bailey Cem Shelby Co AL married: 1799 Elbert Co GA Mary Polly Henderson b: 20 Jul 1777
4. Elizabeth "Betsy" H b: 1775 in Albermarle Co VA d: 1794 Shelby Co AL married Berry Ryan b: c1770
5. Lucy b: 1776 in Albermarle Co VA d: c1806 Shelby Co AL married 1796 John Greenwood b: c1770
6. Rhoda b: 8 Feb 1778 in Pittsylvania Co VA d: 4 Sep 1843 Elbert Co GA married: 10 Jan 1796 Elbert Co GA John Cleveland b: 8 Nov 1769
7. Martin b: 17 Feb 1780 in Pittsylvania Co VA d: 20 Feb 1824 St Clair Co AL buried Kidd Family Cem Harpersville Shelby Co AL married 1804 ?Elbert Co GA Martha Barrett b: 1784
8. John White b: 19 Jan 1782 in Pittsylvania Co VA d: 17 Jul 1865 Shelby Co AL buried Kidd Family Cem Harpersville Shelby Co AL married Ann Philada Allen b: 12 Jun 1788 GA
9. Sarah "Sally" b: 1784 in Pittsylvania Co VA d: bef 1803 Elbert Co GA married: abt 1800 Elbert Co GA Tarleton Hall b: c1779
10. Webb b: c1786 in Elbert Co GA d: c1882 married 1 Dec 1814 in Elbert Co GA Rebecca Allen b: 2 Feb 1798 dau of Rev Thomas Allen a Methodist minister. Web and Rebecca Kidd moved to Oak Bowery AL around 1828.
11. Frances "Frankie" b: 1790 in Elbert Co GA d: aft 1848 Mississippi married: 24 Dec 1807 Elbert Co GA Abner Vernon Ward b: 27 Oct 1789 d: c1882 married: 1 Dec 1814 Elbert Co GA Rebecca Allen b: 2 Feb 1798

1769 Webb Kidd purchased land in Albermarle Co VA
1778 probably moved to Pittsylvania Co VA
1790 census shows Webb Kidd in Pittsylvania Co VA.
1787 land grant to Webb Kidd in Franklin Co GA
1797 Webb Kidd conveyed 100A on Van's Crk in Elbert Co GA to Wm Jenning
1799 Webb Kidd conveyed 12A to thmas White Elbert Co GA
1809 Web Kidd and Wm Jennings conveyed 100A on Van's Crk Elbert Co GA

Will of Webb Kidd

In the name of God Amen. I, Webb Kidd of the county of Elbert & State of Georgia being very sick & weak in body but of Perfect Mind Senses & Memory do make and constitute my last Will & Testament. But principally & first I give & hoping at the Resurrection I shall receive the same again in peace, and recommend my soul into the hands of Almighty God who gave it to me & as touching such worldly estate wherewith it has pleased God to bless me with I do give & dispose of in the following manner. The Plantation House & Land whereon I now live with all that appertains thereunto belonging. I do give unto my dearly beloved wife Elizabeth Kidd to be her dowfull rite & property enduring of her life and widowhood and if she dies before my youngest child Webb comes or rises to the years of eighteen then the Plantation House & Land not to be broken up until he arrive to that year of age and then separately I give him my youngest son his free choice to take the House, Land & plantation for his own or otherwise to take Dick my negro boy if he lives & I further give him out of my Estate a horse & saddle, the saddle to have when he calls for it & the horse to be put in his possession when he arrive to the above mentioned years. The horse and saddle to be worth one hundred dollars, together with a good bed & furniture & which ever he chooses, the land or Dick. If it be the land & the rest or Dick & the rest then thats to be his only part or claim of my Estate and to my dearly beloved daughter Nancy Harper I do give a beast & saddle, bed & furniture with one Heifer Cow which they have in their possession to the amount of ninety three dollars, and to my dearly beloved daughter Polly Jennings I do give which they have now in their possession one tract of land & one bed to the amount of one hundred & twenty five dollars, and to my dearly beloved daughter Lucy Greenwood I do give which they have had in their possession one bed & with a heifer cow, beast & saddle together with cash to the amount of one hundred & four dollars & to my son William Kidd I do give which he now has in possession one tract of land a bed & furniture, beast & saddle to the amount of two hundred & thirty five dollars and to my beloved daughter Rhody Cleaveland I do give which she now has in possession one bed & furniture with a beast and saddle to the amount of Eighty five dollars the beast to yet be delivered to her and to my beloved son Martin Kidd I do give which he has now in possession one tract of land lying in Franklin County & State of Georgia with a horse & saddle all to the amount of three hundred & ten dollars-and to my beloved son John Kidd I do give one tract of land lying in Franklin County joining of Martins Land with a Beast and Saddle all to the amount of three hundred & ten dollars & if the above mentioned land is ever lost by other claims the damage sustained shall be equally borne by all the legatees that is allowing them to return back into the Estate & sharing with the rest And as for the balance at the decease of my wife or age of my son Webb my Estate to be equally divided amongst all the legatees excepting my son Webb & Nancy Harper & Lucy Greenwood and what so ever is coming to be Nancys part I do give to her daughter Polly & her son Webb-and what so ever might be Lucys part I do give to their son William and daughter Polly Greenwood, and I appoint and ordain my son Martin and William and John Kidd my sons to be my sole executors of this my Last Will & Testament and I do fully empower & authorize them to do and act for the good of the Estate & Legatees at their discretion as may deem most proper giving and assisting any of the Legatees when it can be spared out of the Estate and I do hereby revoke & dissnull all other wills and bequests ratifying and confirming this to be my Last Will & Testament in writing whereof I have hereunto set my hand and affixed my seal this 16th day of August 1803.

Signed in the presence of Webb Kidd SEAL
John White
Thomas White
Benjamin Herndon

Registered the 22nd day of April 1805 W. Higginbotham C.C.O.
Will Bk 1-2-3 1803-1806 pp 57,58,59

Administrators and Guardians Papers Bk L-F 1804-09 pps 4-7, Elbert Co GA
Webb Kidd decd Inventory and Division of Estate 18 Dec 1806 Distributes: Martin Kidd, John W. Kidd, Wm Jennings, John Cleveland, Tarlton Hall, Berry Ryan, Frances Kidd and heirs of Charter Harper and John Greenwood.

p 68 Returns of Administrators and Guardians Will Bk K 1812-16 p 84, Elbert Co GA
Webb Kidd p 160 decd William, Martin and John W. Kidd Excrs Returns for 1814 Sale of 205 acres land on Van's Creek and 202 1/2 acres in Wilkerson, Wilkes Co GA Rec's of William and Mary Greenwood for their legacies 6 Feb 1814

p 244 Rec's of Webb Kidd Jr, Mary R.(Polly) Harper and William W. Harper for part of their legacies 2 Jan 1816
p 94 Will Bk L p 36 Estate Wm, Martin and John Kidd Excers. Return for 1816 shows receipts of: Molly Jennings for Wm Jennings, Tarleton Hall, Abner Ward, Wm W. Harper, Berry Ryan and John Cleveland as part of their legacies

p 126. Return 1818 shows John J. Mann in part of his legacy.

Martin Kidd and Martha "Patsy" Barrett

Daughter of Ninian Barrett (See notes below) (b 1751 MD d 1807 ?Franklin Co GA) and Mary James (See notes below) (b 1752 MD d 1824 Morgan Co GA buried Ainslie Cemetery Morgan Co GA).

Children of Martin Kidd:
1. Delilah A b: 1 Jun 1805 married E R Royster
2. Elizabeth b: 4 Oct 1810 Elbert Co GA d: 1883 Tallapoosa Co AL married Abner A Hughes
3. ?John B
4. Kesiah b: 6 APR 1814 Shelby Co AL married A J Moore
5. ?Ninian W b: 27 Nov 1815
6. ?Webb B b: ?1807

Notes on Ninian Barrett:
1. Ninian Barrett was son of Isaac Barrett B: Abt 1724 in Frederick Co MD and Elizabeth Beall B: Abt 1724 in Prince George's Co MD, dau of Ninian Beall.
2. Known Children: Polly Barrett b ???, Isaac James Barrett b 1775, Elizabeth Barrett b??? d. 1859, Patsy Barrett, Keziah Barrett, Nancy Barrett b 1799, Ninian Barrett Jr, Delilah Barrett b 1789, Harriet Barrett b 1795.
3. May have been a Revolutionary War soldier from Maryland. See DAR record under DAR number 0766116 (6/3/95).
Note on Mary James:
Mary James may be from the John James family which was in both Prince George's and Frederick Co's MD. Mary James birth date may have been 26 Oct 1761, St Johns Par, Prince George's, MD. This is pure speculation with no proof.

Two Versions of the Kidd Cemetery
Location: Harpersville, Shelby Co AL. From Hwy 280 and 25 go south on 25 and cemetery on the right.

Abstracted By: Mamie Lewis Mattison, 1951
Last Name First Name Born Died Comments
Kidd Ann Philida 12 Jun 1788 13 Sep 1858 Wife of John W Kidd and dau of Nathaniel Allen age 64 years 3 months 1 day
Kidd Jasper 181? 19 Oct 1853 Son of John W and Ann Philda Kidd
Kidd Permelia Caroline 9 Nov 1808 Oct 1821 Remember Me
Kidd John W 19 Jan 1782 17 Jul 1865 Born VA
Kidd Martha 1784 1823 Wife of Martin Kidd
Kidd Martin 1764 1824 ---
Kidd Mary 1809 1820 ---
Kidd John W 7 Aug 1814 30 Aug 1883 Aged 60 years 23 days
Moore Liziah M. 16 Apr 1814 1843 Consort of A J Moore and daughter of Martin and Martha Kidd
Royster Delela A 1 Jan 1805 24 Mar 1833 Consort of E Royster and daughter of Martin and Martha Kidd
Kidd Mollie V 10 Feb 1858 18 Oct 1885 Age 27 years 8 days
Kidd Anna B 27 May 1834 4 May 1895 Wife of Sol. J M Kidd, born in Charles Co MD and died Shelby Co AL

2d Version:
D.W. Kidd 11 Sep 1854-05 Nov 1923
M.G. Kidd wife of J.W. Kidd 13 Apr 1829-23 Apr 1914
Annie P. dau. of J.W. & M.G. Kidd 14 Feb 1???-02 Mar 1856 or 1886 (broken marker, difficult to read along mended site)
James W. Kidd 08 Jan 1856-11 Apr 1909
John M. Kidd 18 Oct 1861-25 Feb 1941
Mary L. Kidd 06 May 1867-18 Aug 1951
Martin Kidd 17 Feb 1780-20 Jul 1821
Martha Kidd wife of Martin Kidd 1784-14 Oct 1823

Permelia Caroline Kidd 09 Nov 1807-15 Oct 1821
Ann Philida Kidd wife of John W. Kidd and dau. of Rev. Nathaniel Allen 12 Jun 1788-13 Sep 1852
Jasper Kidd son of John W. & A.P. Kidd 181?-19 Oct 1853 (broken marker)
John W. Kidd 19 Jan 1782-17 Jul 1865
Alwin J. Kidd 14 Feb 1840-28 Sep 1863 pvt. Co.I, 18th Regt. Ala. Inf. CSA
Mary Kidd 19 Jan 1809-23 Jul 1820

Kidd Cemetery

Kidd Cemetery

Elizabeth Kidd who married Abner Hughes

Elizabeth Kidd is buried in Loachapoka Cem Lee Co AL. Her tombstone says she was born 4 Oct 1810.
Webb Kidd had 4 sons: William W, Martin, John White and Webb. Martin must have been her father because we can rule out the following sons because:
Webb because he was too young - married: 1 Dec 1814 in Elbert Co GA.
William White because his son William W was born 23 May 1810.
John W because his son Albert Jasper (A J) was born 19 Jun 1811 in Elbert Co GA.