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Maddox Cemetery and Land

Maddox land and cemetery just east of Waverly, Alabama

Map of Maddox Land

Maddox Cemetery

Map of Maddox Cemetery
Map and Cemetery layout provided by Peter Hoffman,
a Maddox cousin, of Murfreesboro, TN.

Here is some more information on the Maddox Cemetery. It was written by Frank Boyd and Mrs. John Dorsey. I'm not sure where I got the information or when it was written.

"The site of this cemetery near the junction of two old Stage Coach roads in West half of Section 11, Township 20, Range 25, Chambers County, Ala., on land formerly owned in turn by the Maddox, Holloway and Jackson families and presently owned by Jude Robinson, Auburn, Ala.

The site may be reached by following the directions below:

From the railroad tracks in Gold Hill go eastward on Ala. Hwy. #147 about .5 miles to Macedonia Church, turn left on Gold Hill-Waverly paved road and go approx 1 mile. At this point note two houses, right and left of road. The house on left is the old Holloway home. Here among a grove of giant oaks and walnut trees stood the Maddox ante-bellum home, long since burned.

From these home sites looking northeastward some 200 yards from the highway stands a lone century old cedar tree. Under the spreading branches of this towering sentinel is the Maddox Cemetery of five marked graves and a large unmarked rock mound typical of early cemeteries in this area. There is no evidence to indicate the name of the person buried beneath this well built mound. Placed at random around the cedar tree are the graves of the Maddox Family adequately marked with marble slabs or upright head pieces. Two of the uprights are broken but inscriptions are legible."

  1. W.J. Maddox b. Green County, Georgia October 22, 1811 d. June 8, 1885
  2. Elizabeth W, wife of W.J. Maddox, b. August 23, 1818 d. December 7, 1872
    Note: She was Elizabeth W. Tally who married William James Maddox
    in Greene Co, GA 1 Dec 1835
  3. Richard Maddox b June 20, 1828 d. November 10, 1895 Masonic Emblem on Marker
  4. William Harper Maddox b. November 23, 1872 d. August 24, 1894
  5. Thomas Eugene Maddox b. January 29, 1877 d. August 24, 1899