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John and Mavel Robinson

Below is a link to Betty Robertson Riley's work on John and Mavel Robinson. It includes what is known of John and Mavel and their children. Betty believed, as I once did, that John Robinson and Thomas Robinson of Henrico Co VA were brothers. ydna has since proved that to be incorrect and that my Thomas Robinson and this John Robinson had a very recent common ancestor.

Betty descends from the Henrico Co VA Thomas Robinson and that was her main reason for writing this excellent genealogy.

I'm using this page to correct any omissions or errors in Betty's work, so if you find one, please email me and let me know.

Click here to read the John and Mavel Robinson PDF file.

Several items to note that are not in Betty's file:
  1. Thos Cocke's came from Pickthorn, England and imported a John Robinson into Henrico Co VA in 1675. Whether this is John who married Mavel is not known but there are no other John Robinson found at this time in Henrico Co Va.
  2. From "Cavaliers and Pioneers" Patent Book 6 "Mr. Tho Cock 3087A Henrico Co N side James Riv 4 Oct 1675 p 564. Beg on S side of Chickahominy Sw at land taken up by Mr Beachamp. Trans of 62 pers: Jno Robinson..."
  3. Is it possible this John Robinson was from Pickthorn, England?
  4. John Robinson signed his name Robinson not Robertson.