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Thomas Robinson witnessed the will of Major Thomas Carr in 1735 and 1738.

4 May 1736 Henry Chiles of Spotsylvania Co and Mercy his wife and John Chiles of King William Co to Humphrey Hill of St Margaret's Par King William Co, Merchant 400A in St Geo Par Spotsylvania Co part of a patent granted Henry Webber 28 Oct 1723, etc. Wit: John Waller, Wm Waller, Thomas Robinson, Wm Hansford, Chs Barrett. Rec DB C 6 July 1736 Spotsylvania Co VA. And the document below.

3 Jun 1735 John Waller of Spotsylvania Co to his son Wm Waller. Deed of Gift 274 1/2A in Spotsylvania Co on ridge bet Matapony and Pamunkey Riv, etc. Wit: Thomas Carr Jr, B. Waller, Edmund Waller, Thomas Robinson. Rec DB C 1 Jul 1735 Spotsylvania Co VA.

Captain William Carr
B: 1680 King William Co VA
D: 1760 Spotsylvania Co VA
Son of Thomas Carr

Married 1st Date Unknown
Mary Chiles
Dau of Henry Chiles Sr
D: 1720 Hanover Co VA

Married 2d 1736
Susannah Brooks

Name Born Died Married
William ?1698 ??? Mary Chiles
Sarah ??? ??? Mordecai Hord
Ann ??? ??? ?Waller
Eliz ??? ??? ???
Mary ??? ??? ?Crenshaw
Susannah 1708 ??? William Crenshaw
Charles Brooks ??? ??? Elizabeth Susan Francis
Agnes Brooks ??? ??? William Ellis
Walter Chiles ??? ??? ???
Phoebe ??? ??? Walter Chiles
Thomas ??? ??? ???

Several renditions of Wm Carr Will:

Spotsylvania Co VA WILL BOOK B
Page ?. CARR, William, Gentl, Spotsylvania Co. d. Aug 2 1760 Nov 4 1760. Wit A. FOSTER, William ELLIS, John GORDON. Ex Wife, Susannah CARR, Edward HERNDON, Joseph BROCK. Leg wife, Susannah, land bought of Thomas SHIP and John QUARLES; son Thomas; son William, land in Louisa Co, daughter Ann CARR, land adjoining Nicholas CRENSHAW; daughter Elizabeth; daughter Phoebe; son Walter Chiles CARR, land in Louisa Co, son Charles Brooks CARR; daughter Agnes Brooks CARR; son-in-law Mordacai HORD; son Charles CARR; daughters Susannah, Sarah and Mary. Codicil to the foregoing will dated 12 Aug 1760.

William Carr Will Spotsylvania Co VA Will Bk B pg 497-499:
Spotsylvania Co VA Bk of Wills B, pg 497-499. Will of William Carr, my loving I now live on...Spots. Co...which I bought of Thomas Ship & part of John Quarles w/5 acres which I pat...also...profits of my water mill...son Thomas and mill lent to my wife after her death...son William Louisa Co...dau Ann Carr...300 acres of land I formerly give to Nicholas Crenshaw...dau Elizabeth...350 acres land...dau Phebee...remainder of my land adj dau Elizabeths land...son Walter Chiles Louisa Co...son Charles Brooks Carr...remainder of land on the James acres...dau Agness Brooks Carr, remainder of land in Spots. Co...300 acres...son-in-law Mordecai acres...son Charles sett of surveyors Instruments...son William choice of horse or mare after my wife has chose one...Exors. bind my sons to some trade or handecraft as soon as they shall have sufficient learning... daus Susanna, Sarah & Mary each 1 cow & calf. 1760, p. of estate to be equally div bet my wife and children: Wm, Ann, Elizabeth, Charles Brooks Carr, Agness Brooks Carr, Walter Chiles Carr, Phebe and Thomas...if children die before 21 or marry their be sold by exec. and money div bet wife and living children...Wife Susannah and friends Edw Herndon & Jos Brock...exers. s/2 Aug 1760 Wm. Carr (Seal). Final settlement of William's estate was 30 June 1779, pp 55-6, Spotsylvania Co order book 1770-1774.

6 Nov 1760 Spotsylvania Co VA GUARDIANS BONDS WILL BOOK B. L3000 Susannah Carr, guardian to Charles Brooks Carr, Agnes Brooks Carr, Walter Chiles Carr, Phebe Carr, Thos. Carr, orphs of Wm. Carr, gent with Anthony Foster, John Holloday and Wm. Lewis, sec.

Herndon et al. v. Carr: William Carr the testator, having a wife and several children viz. William, the defendant, his eldest son and heir at law, and others, plts., and being seised and possessed of an estate in lands, slaves, and personal chattels, by will, dated August 2, 1760, after giving several specific legacies, bequeathed the residuum of his estate in these words: all the rest of my estate, both real and personal, not herein particularly mentioned, to be equally divided between my wife and children, viz. William, Ann, Elizabeth, Charles, Agnes, Walter, Phoebe, and Thomas; and I do hereby give the estate by this clause of my will devised, to my wife and children, respectively, and to their heirs forever. Provided nevertheless, that if either of my said children die before they arrive to the age of twenty-one years or marriage, that their part given by this clause, be sold by my executors, and the money arriving by such sale be equally divided among my wife, if living, and all my children or their representatives. By a codicil to his will annexed, dated Aug 12, 1760, he empowered his executors to divide his personal estate according to his will.

Major Thomas Carr
B: c1678 King William Co VA
D: 29 May 1737 VA
Son of Thomas Carr

Married 1704
?Hanover Co VA
Mary Dabney Carr
B: 1688 ?New Kent Co VA
D: 1748 Caroline Co VA
Dau of Cornelius Dabney

Name Born Died Married
Mary 1704 1806 William Mackgehee
Thomas 25 Nov 1705 Jul 1743 ???
Catherine Blassingame ??? ??? ?Waller
John 25 Dec 1706 17 Jun 1778 1/Mary Garland
B: ???
D: 10 Mar 1736
M: 1733/4
2/Barbara Overton
B: 1720
D: 1794
M: 1736
William 1707 ? Died Young
James ??? ??? ???
Agnes 1712
King William Co VA
Spotsylvania Co VA
John Waller III
B: 1708
D: 1776
M: 1732
Sarah Nov 1714
King William Co VA
Sep 1772
John Minor
B: 1707
D: 1755
M: 1732
Samuel 1718 ? Died Young ???

The order book of Caroline county under date of 14 July 1738 says: "The last will and testament and codicil of Thomas Carr gent., deceased, was presented in court by Mary Carr, John Carr, Agnes Waller and Sarah Minor, executors and executrixes therein named, who made oaths thereto according to law. Being proved by the oaths of John Waller and Thomas Robinson and also by the affirmation of Charles Goodall, witnesses thereto, it is admitted to record." Charles Goodall, John Scott, John Wyall and James Terry appointed appraisers.

Major Thomas Carr was appointed Justice for Caroline Co at the time of its formation in 1728; he served in the Caroline court until his death on 29 May 1737. He has also been Justice in King William County from 1714 and was High Sheriff in 1722-23.

Notes: John Carr, John Waller Jr and Agnes his wife, John Minor & Sarah his wife surviving executors of the last will and testament of Thomas Carr, late of the county of Caroline, gent. deceased, to William Waller, of the county of Spotslvania gent. reciting that the said Thomas Carr on 29 May 1735 made his will and it contained the clause viz; executors and executrixes hereafter named to sell certain lands, produce to be equally divided between my beloved wife & children, and also reciting a codicil of 6 May 1738; and continues to say and of his said will apponts his beloved wife and his children, Thomas, John, Agnes & Sarah, joint executors and executrixes, as in and by the second will duly proved in the county of Caroline, and there remaining of record. That soon after making the said will & codicil the said Thomas Carr died seized of the land and premises aforesaid, and the said executors took upon themselves the burden of the execution of the said will, the said Agnes being then married to John Waller Jr, and the said Sarah being married to John Minor, parties to these presents, since which the said testator's widow and son Thomas, the two of the executors in the said will named, have departed this life.

Will abstract of Thomas Carr 29 May 1735/14 Jul 1738 Caroline Co VA:
Son Thomas Carr the home plantation called Topping castle after wife's death and 1000 acres on upper side of Rocky Creek in Hanover Co and Goochland Co.
Son John Carr 546 acres in King William Co where "my mother now lives" and half of the James River tract.
Daughter Agnes Carr wife of John Waller Jr and Sarah Carr wife of John Minor.
Mother Mary Carr.
Kinsman Gideon Carr 100 acres on south side of Southwest Mountains in Hanover Co part of the 2400 acres patented at four different times.
Exors: Friends John Waller and Zachariah Lewis.
Wit: John Waller, John Norris, Lambath Molth and Thomas Robinson.
Codicil dated 6 May 1738. Wit: John Waller, James Lyndsay, Charles Goodall and William Machgehee.