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Families Associated with Thomas Robinson Sr

Moore: Thomas Sr clearly had some kind of association with the Moore family. If this was prior to the deeds in Lincoln Co NC then it would indicate his origin being in PA prior to coming to NC.

Eaves: The Eaves deeds in Rutherford Co NC show a close association, plus, there were several deeds between the Eaves and Thomas Robinson Jr in Jasper Co GA. The Eaves came out of Brunswick Co VA prior to coming into NC, which would point to VA for Thomas Sr's origin.

Hawkins: Thomas Hawkins witnessed all the deeds for Thomas Sr when he sold property to his children in Aug 1793, plus he also owned land adjacent Thomas Sr. There is a possibility Thomas Hawkins was married to one of Thomas Sr's daughters, although nothing else indicates he was anything other than a witness. Thomas Price, the other witness on these deeds, did marry Thomas Sr's daughter Margaret.

It's easy to want to assign this family to the Hawkins found in Lunenburg Co VA who are all over the Robinson/Robertson deeds, but I've yet to connect this Thomas Hawkins to that family, although it does appear some of this family did end up in Rutherford Co NC. For more on the Hawkins Family click here.

Martha Biggerstaff: Martha Biggerstaff is Martha Morgan in this deed:

1785 October: THOMAS ROBINSON, Martha Morgan and Elizabeth Cartright sell 300A on "land on Indian Crk which they became legally vested with". This is recorded in Lincoln Co NC.

I have no idea what this is about. Thomas Sr did own land on Indian Crk in Lincoln Co NC but his original 300A was sold long before this time and I've found no record where he purchased another 300A. Martha Morgan is the daughter of Elizabeth Moore (sister of Aaron, Moses and William Moore) and Samuel Biggerstaff. In 1764 Thomas Sr had sold part of his original grant in Rutherford Co NC to Elizabeth Moore Biggerstaff after Samuel had died in Mecklenburg Co NC. I have not been able to trace Elizabeth Cartright. Because I've found no document that would indicate the 3 of them purchasing or repossessing this land, I have to believe this was an inheritance of some kind. Possibility from one of the Moore's or Elizabeth Biggerstaff.

Note: In 1757 Samuel Biggerstaff purchased 320A on the NS of the Catawba Riv opposite the Long Shoals in present day Lincoln County NC. Long Shoals, about 4 miles east of where Leonard Fork and Indian Crk meet, is where Indian Crk dumps into the South Fork of the Catawba Riv. Aaron, Moses and John Moore all had land on or around Indian Crk. I've never found where this land was sold by Elizabeth Biggerstaff although it may have been. Assuming that it was not and most researchers place Elizabeth Biggerstaff's death ABOUT 1787 it's possible the 300A came from this land. This could mean some family connection between the Moore's and THOMAS ROBINSON.

Along these same lines is this:

1784 January: THOMAS ROBINSON receives a certificate from the Rutherford Co Clerk of Court that says THOMAS ROBINSON is intitled by law to all the privileges of a citizen for the purpose of recovering certain Negroes and other property in the State of Virginia.

Exactly what this is and where in VA it is intended is unknown, but probably has to do with the following:

1797 Jan: I, Martha Morgan alias Jennings, in consideration of diver good causes, have constituted and appointed my trusty friend George Suttles my lawful attorney to act and do for me in all respects. To act and do in a suit I obtained in Henry Co (no State give but probably VA), wherein THOMAS ROBINSON was plaintiff and Michael Rowland defendant in the sum of L220 and cost of judgement, granted by sd court. Wherein Col Martin did concur, also John Knox, Clk of sd Court, is required to give satisfaction from the records as my attorney may require. Wit: Michael Hogan, Nathaniel Hammrick. S/Martha (X) Jennings. Rutherford Co Wills and Misc Records Bk B Pg 73 10 Jan 1797.

1797 Apr: I, Martha Morgan, widow of John Morgan, dec'd. For diver good causes and other consideration, have made, ordained, constituted and appointed James Bedford Jr, my true and lawful attorney for me, and in my name, to ask, demand, sue, recover and receive from the Sheriff of Henry County, Virginia. Such sums as has been, shall be recovered in a suit in Henry County, Virginia. From THOMAS ROBINSON or Michael Rowland, also such sums of money, debts, judgments, which are now due or owing to me in the State of Virginia. Wit: John McKinney, Daniel Swann. S/Martha Morgan. Rutherford Co Wills and Misc Records Bk B Pg 75 13 Apr 1797.

In the LWT of John Rowland, 29 Sep 1780, Henry Co VA, calls Michael Rowland the brother of John Rowland. Henry Co VA Wills Bk I pg 37. Click here for more information on the Rowland family.

I have no idea what this is. Not sure why Thomas Sr would have won a judgment against someone in Henry Co VA. It almost appears as if this was a settlement on someones estate and Thomas Sr then sold the property but had to repossess it. Why Martha Morgan ended up with it is a mystery.

There were some Robinson/Robertson families in Henry and Franklin Co VA (Franklin was cut out from Henry Co) at this time. Whether these families have any connection or anything to do with the Henry Co VA suit is unknown. The Robinson/Robertson families in Franklin and Henry Co's may have descended from John and Tabitha Jones Robinson. Some info about this John Robinson:

He received a land patent of 400 acres 20 Jul 1738, near the head of Mussy Creek in Goochland Co, VA (later Cumberland County). Goochland Patent Book 18, 1738-39, pg. 161.

In 1726, John and Tabitha sold land on the James River. In 1763, he sold land in Cumberland Co. to his son, Edward. John stated that the reasons for this transfer was that he was moving. Also in 1763, he deeded land on Deep Creek in Cumberland Co. to his son, Joseph. John's lands were located on Deep Creek and Muddy Creek. When John Robinson, Sr. died in 1768 in Cumberland Co.,VA, he gave to each of his sons, John, Thomas, Field, Christopher, Edward, Joseph, and Hezekiah, "one shilling sterling, they have before received their equal parts of my estate ". He left " to my three daughters, Susanah Bradshaw, Judith Bradshaw, and Elizabeth Hogan all the rest of my estate to be equally divided between them only reserving seven pounds which has already been paid to William Bradshaw my will is that he allows two thirds of that money out of his part of my estate to the other two, namely Judith Bradshaw and Elizabeth Hogan.." Cumberland Co W/D Book 1 pg. 343.

Thomas Robinson (b 1719 Henrico Co VA d ?Henry Co VA) married Jane Magdalen Legrand.
Judith Robinson married Field Bradshaw. He died 16 Jun 1788 in Lincoln Co NC.
Elizabeth Robinson married Thomas Hogan. A Hogan witnessed Martha Morgan suit.

The 1786 Franklin Co VA Personal Property Tax List
NameNo. TithesWhites
Over 21
Over 16
Under 16
Robinson, Richard1100 016
Robinson, Thomas211 0026
Robertson, Richard1100010
Robertson, John1100010