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Henrico Co VA
These are my notes on Thomas Robinson of Henrico Co VA. I have not included information on his brother John Robinson who married Mavel East because there is more than enough data on the internet on him. This page is to try and understand whether the person called Thomas Robinson the younger (son of Thomas Robinson the elder) is the same Thomas Robinson found in Brunswick Co Va and later in Edgecombe Co NC, Granville Co NC and Orange Co NC. To see my notes on the Thomas Robinson in Brunswick Co VA click here.

Thomas Robinson the elder of the Parish of Henrico in the County of Henrico, planter, gives to Thomas Robinson, the younger and George Robinson both sons of the sd Thomas Robinson, 200 acres where sd Thomas Robinson the elder now dwells on Gilley's Creek joining Joseph Mayo, James Franklin, Wm Burton the younger, to be equally divided in a manner as follows: Thomas Robinson to have the plantation where his brother John Robinson formerly dwelt and George Robinson the plantation whereon sd Thomas Robinson the elder now dwells. The intent of the parties of this deed is that Thomas Robinson the giver shall hold the premises during his life in the same manner as if this deed had never been made. Thomas (TR) Robinson and witnessed by Thomas Williams, William Burton and John Burton. 29 Jan 1739/40 Henrico Co Wills and Deeds Pg 1099-1101.

Thomas Robinson died sometime between writing this deed in 1739 and 1741 when George Robinson present this Court Order dated Oct 1741 stating the "Will of Thomas Robertson presented by George Robertson, executor, and proved by witnesses." Henrico Co VA Court Orders 1737-1746 Pg 158.

NOTE: John Robinson who is listed on this deed had moved to Goochland Co VA (later Cumberland Co) where he received a land patent on Deep Crk for 580A on 11 Jul 1738.

Exactly who was this Thomas Robinson in Henrico Co VA?

The first record found for him in Henrico Co is this one:

1690 Thomas Robinson rec deed from Gilly Groomarin for 100A near Pequanock adj Henry Wyat. Wit: Rich Lyon, John Field. 2 Jun 1690 Henrico Co.

1690 Thomas (TR) Robinson and Richard (X) Ferris wit deed bet Rbt Woodson and John Pleasant. 2 Jul 1690 Henrico Co.

1690 Rbt Woodson Sr of Henrico Co to John Pleasant 150A being part of 300A I bought of him, it being a patent taken up by Thomas East, Wm Porter, Henry Rowen and myself on NS James Riv 2 Jun 1690. Wit Richard (X) Ferris and Thomas (TR) Robinson. Recorded 2 June 1690 Pg 132 Henrico Co.

1692 Thomas Robinson called before a Grand Jury for swearing.

1692 Thomas Robinson sells 100A near Pequanoca [Pequanock] on NS James Riv to Giles Webb. Witnesses were Christopher Branch and Edward Skerme. The deed was signed by Thomas (TR) Robinson and Elizabeth Robinson released her dower rights. Pg 396 Feb 1692 Henrico Co VA.

NOTE: An interesting item on this deed is the name Edward Skerme. He is found in 1677 living on Swift Crk in Henrico Co adj Edward Robinson, John Worsham and Nicholas Dison.

1695 Thomas Robinson and John Redford wit the will of Samuel Grebill dtd 20 Apr 1695. John Lowry is the exec and the will is probated on 2 Aug 1697 Pg 720 Henrico Co Wills and Deeds.

1697 Thomas Robinson, John Redford wit will of Samuel Grebill dtd 30 Apr 1695. John Lowry exec. Prob 2 Aug 1687 Pg 720 Henrico Co Wills and Deeds.

1701 Thomas Robinson receives a deed from Giles Webb for 200A on the NS James Riv in Henrico Parish adj Samuel Bridgewater next to land patented by John Bailey and sold by him to Webb. No witnesses. Recorded 1 Dec 1701 Henrico Co.

1. John Bayly had 736A in 1687 Varina Par on the NS James Riv beg at Henry Pruett and John Field to Gilley's Crk on Samuel Bridgewater. 20 Apr 1687 Pg 560 Henrico Co.
2. John Robinson in 1703 had 831A on NS James Riv at a place known as Gilley's Crk at John Bayly's for transporting Hugh Edwards, James Evans, Mary Horney, Martha Floyd and 13 rights paid to Wm Byrd. 24 Apr 1703 Pg 521 Henrico Co VA.

1704 Rent Rolls Henrico Co VA:
Thomas Robertson with 200A
John Robertson with 415A
Geo Robertson with 1445A

1706 Thomas Cardwell of County and Parish of Henrico, plaisterer, for love and affection to my daughter Mary, now wife of James Franklin of same parish and county, planter, 50A, part of tract where I dwell in above parish on NS James Riv on SS Gillys Creek bounded by Thomas Robertson. Wit: Richard Ligon, Joseph Royall Jr. S/Thomas Cardwell. Dtd 1 Feb 1706 Recorded 1 Feb 1706 Pg 18 Henrico Co VA.

1713 Thomas Cardwell Sr of County and Parish of Henrico, plasterer, for love and affection to my daughter Elener, now wife of Richard Williams of same, schoolmaster and teacher of English, 50A on NS James Riv on SS Gillies [Gillys] Creek next to James Franklin, Thomas Robinson, said Thomas Cardwell. Wit: Edward Curd, Seth Hatcher. S/Thomas Cardwell. Dtd 20 Jan 1713 Record Pg 243 1 Feb 1713 Henrico Co VA.

1718 Thomas Robertson, John Robertson, Thomas Cardwell and Wm Eslee wit the will of Charles Scruggs. Wm Bradshaw was the exec. Pg 425 Henrico Co Ct Rec Vol 1 20 Dec 1718.

1723 Upon petition of Alexander Robinson who married Mary daughter of Thomas Harwood, dec'd, praying that William Burton, who married Elizabeth Harwood, Executrix of said Harwood, be ordered to deliver to him that part of said Harwood's estate that belongs to his wife Mary. Court will assign to plaintiffs their share. Court 1, April 1723 page 249.

NOTE: William Burton wit the will of Thomas Robinson.

On 1 Jan. 1727/8 Henrico Co Thomas East executed two deeds to sons Thomas (Jr) and John for "good will and tender love" each receiving 75A. He gave Thomas land on the Western branch bounded by William Hobson, Thomas (Jr), John Williams, Benjamin Childers and Thomas Robinson; and John land on Western branch of Grindon and Murtle branch bounded by Thomas (Jr) and John Williams, the deed also mentioning the old path called Edmond Liptrot's path. Witnesses to both deeds were Benjamin Childers, John Good Jr and Robert Bowman and both were recorded the same day.

NOTE: Jacob Robinson's will dtd 4 Sep 1773 Caswell Co NC was wit by James Williams and Talton East.

1728 Thomas Childers Sr 75A to son John, tract Philemon [Childers] now lives on; also deed to son Thomas 75A adj William Hobson, Benjamin Childrey [Childers], John Williams and Thomas Robinson; Mary relinquished dower right Henrico County 1 Jan 1728.

On 6 Apr 1734 Jacob Robinson had a Land Grant of 390A in Henrico on the NS James Riv adj Col Thomas Randolphs, Abraham Childers, Jno Waltons and Cottrill.

1. 20 Jun 1733 Abraham Childers Jr had a Land Grant of 750A in Henrico NS James Riv adj Col Thomas Randolphs, Jacob Robinson, Jno Walters and Robert Mosby.
2. 2 Sept 1725 Abraham Childers purchased for 1400 pounds of tobacco from his brother John Childers the 100A bounded by John Price his cousin and Joseph Atkins his half-brother he received from his grandfather Henry Pew by will. Witnesses were Richard Dean and John Davis. Henrico County.
3. Thomas Robinson leases and releases 150 acres in 1735 from William Toms and wife Margaret of St Andrew Parish. Land is located on the NS of the Roanoke River in Clemens line. Part of a grant to John Davis and sold to Toms. Witnesses to deed are Cornelius Keith, Samuel (B) Buckstone, William Jinkines. Deed recorded 4/5 Feb 1735/6 Pg 269-71 Brunswick Co VA Deeds.

On 1 July 1737 "Thomas Childers, son of Thomas Childers, deceased," sold to Thomas Robinson the younger for 11 50A bounded by Western Branch and John Fussell. Witnesses were Edward and Martha Bennet, Elizabeth Wether and Thomas Pleasants.

1. Thomas Robinson to John Green, blacksmith, for 20 200A on the SS Tar Riv whereon William Gaus [Goss] lived which was granted to Isaac Ricks. Wit by Aaron Fussell, Hosea Tapley, William Cheek. Recorded Deed Bk B Pg 237 4 Sep 1753 Granville Co NC.
2. Martha Cocke married first Joseph Pleasants. When he died she married Edward Bennett 5 Mar 1726 in Curles Meeting House, Henrico Co VA.

1745 GEORGE ROBISON of County & Parish of Henrico, to Nathaniel Vandewall of same, for 25, all that land where my father, THOMAS ROBINSON of late did dwell, 100 acres, next to John Burton, Mrs. Mayo, Elener Williams and remainder that my father left my brother THOMAS or his son THOMAS. Wit: William Warburton, John Holmes, Richard Dean. Signed: GEORGE (|) ROBISON. Recorded 1st Mon July 1747. Pg 38 #264 20 Aug 1746 Henrico Co VA.