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Edmund Griffith Carlisle
B: ?1760 NC
D: 13 Apr 1828 Morgan Co, GA

Married ?1797

Elizabeth Ann Whatley
B: ?1780 Wilkes Co, GA
D: 1854/5 Chambers Co, AL
Buried Mount Hickory Cemetery

Name Born Died Married
William Whatley 4 Jul 1798
Jackson Co, GA
1 Mar 1883
Chambers Co, AL
Elizabeth Evans
B: 27 Jan 1799 SC or GA
D: 1 Mar 1859
Chambers Co, AL
M1/9 Oct 1821
Washington Co, GA
M2/7 Aug 1859
Amaryliss Burson nee Perry
Elizabeth Strickland 1799 8 Jun 1856
Macon Co, AL
Rev Wm Taylor
B: ???
D: ???
M: 17 Sep 1835
Troup Co, GA
James Whatley

24 Feb 1802
Jackson Co, GA
New Site
Tallapoosa Co, AL
Mary (Mazey) Pace
B: 1803 GA
D: 1862
Chambers Co, AL
M1: 26 Mar 1826
Elbert Co, GA
M2: 4 Oct 1863
Chambers Co, AL
Mary A. Barber
Robert (Robin) Whatley 21 Apr 1806
Jackson Co, GA
3 Nov 1890
Coosa Co, AL
Clarissa Mitchell Owens
B: 1 Apr 1808
Putnam Co, GA
D: 2 Dec 1887
Coosa Co, AL
M: 31 Dec 1826
Newton Co, GA
Edmund Whatley 1808
Morgan Co, GA
??? Rhoda C. Harden
B: ???
D: ???
M1/3 Jul 1834
Troup Co, GA
M2/10 Dec 1836 GA
Rebecca Wilson
Green Whatley 16 Mar 1810
Morgan Co, GA
4 Jun 1882
Pike Co, AL
Mary Elizabeth Leveritt
B: 15 Oct 1816
D: 12 May 1887
M: 19 Jul 1832
Troup Co, GA
Michael A.J. Whatley 14 Apr 1816
Morgan Co, GA
13 Sep 1898
Chambers Co, AL
Matilda Holstun
B: ???
D: ???
M: 5 Jul 1838
Malinda c1804
Jackson Co GA
before 1826 William P. Graggs
B: 1801 GA
D: before 1854
probably in
Chambers Co AL
M: c1822
Morgan Co GA
Christine ??? ??? Thomas Holmes
B: ???
D: ???
M: ???

Revolutionary War Soldier   DAR Ancestor #: A019219. Served in Revolutionary War for Georgia in the Wilkes Co GA; Militia under Gen. McIntosh and also served in Capt. S. Lane's company, Morgan Co GA Militia.

Will of Edmund Carlisle:

In the name of God Amen. I, Edmund Carlisle of the county of Morgan and state of Georgia, do make and declare this to be my last will in manner and form following: first I resign my soul into the hands of Almighty God hoping and believing in a remission of my Sins by the merits and mediation of Jesus Christ; And my body I commit to the earth to be burrid in a Christian like manner. And my worldly estate I give and advise as following.

First, It is my wish and desire that my Executor hereafter named, should as soon as practicable proceed to pay all and just demands that may be against my Estate, out of the disposable part of my property --

Second, It is my wish & I do hereby Loan to my wife Elizabeth Carlisle, the Lot of Land wherein I live containing two Hundred and twenty acres, and five negroes to wit, Mark, Sarah, Patt, Jule & Siller with and during her life time or widow hood for the Express purpose of raising and educating my children that have not left me, and I wish it expressly understood that my wish and meaning is that the above property should be kept together and improved for the above c/purpose untill my Youngest child (Elizabeth) comes of age marries or dies and then for the whole (Except a negro girl named Siller) to be sold and equally divided among or with my wife and my children (to wit) William W. Carlisle, James W. Carlisle, Robin W. Carlisle, Green W. Carlisle, Edmund Carlisle, Jr., Michael Jackson Carlisle, and Elizabeth Carlisle; and the said negro girl Siller, should my said wife Elizabeth by then be thru living, I loan to her for and during her natural life and at her death to be equally divided among the seven above named children.

Third, I wish & direct that my two Lots of Land that I drew in the last Land Lottery to wit, Lot No. One hundred and Ninety in 27th District Lee county & Lot No. one hundred & thirty seven in the first District Carroll in the state aforesaid be granted & sold & after expenses and debts are paid to be equally divided among my children above named.

Fourth, It is my wish and my desire that my grand son Joseph P. Graggs be sent to school untill he reads, writes & Learnt in the Arithmatic to the Rule of Three*, and when he arrives to the age of Eighteen ( or sooner if my said Executor hereafter named should think proper) to have a horse bridle & saddle and one bed of furniture to be made out of the said Estate.

Fifth, I give to Thomas J. Holmes five dollars cash to be paid to him out of my Estate by my Executor, which is to be in full of all interest or claim which the said Thomas J. may, shall, or could have by reason of his intermarriage unto my daughter Christian.

Sixth, I give to William Graggs five dollars cash to be paid him by my Executor out of my Estate which is to be in full of all interest or claim which the said William Graggs may, shall, or could have reason of the intermarriage with my daughter Malinda.

Seventh, And further it is my wish & desire that should my wife and the Executor wish to carry the family to the Chatahoochy that the Lot of Land wherein I live be sold and a nother near to where the children may settle be bought out of the proceeds of the sale of said Land & to be kept for the use of the family & to be disposed of in the same manner as directed in the second Item, among my children.

Eighth, It is my wish and desire that my four youngest childrren that is now living with me to wit Greene W. Carlisle, Edmund Carlisle, Michael Jackson Carlisle and Elizabaeth S. Carlisle should receive and I do direct my Executor with my wife whenever they arive of age or marry, ( or sooner should they think proper) to give them certain articles equivilent out ot the increase of my said Estate and if not sufficient out of my said Estate, to what I have given off to those that have left me to wit one horse bridle & saddle, bed of furniture, with some other small articles as given heretofore.

Ninth, And I do hereby constitute and appoint my eldest son William W. Carlisle Sole Executor of this my last will and testament, and revoking & disanuling all others -

In witness whereof I have hereinto Set my hand and Seal this third day of April in the Year of our Lord one thousand Eight hundred and Twenty Eight.

Edmund Carlisle (his seal)

Signed Sealed published declared by the said testator as for his last will and testament in our c/presence who at his request in his presence in the presents of each other, have subscribed our names as witnesses there to.

John Spence Cornelius Jackson James Spence

Georgia Morgan county Interior Court setting for Ordinary purposes May 3, 1830. Personally appeared in Open Court John Spence and James Spence subscribing witnesses to the above and foregoing instrument in writing purporting to be the last Will and Testament of Edmund Carlisle dec. of said County, who after being duly Sworn Saith that they Saw the Testator Sign Seal and deliver the Same for the purposes herein ______ and that they Signed the Same and witnessed in his presence and Saw Cornelius Jackson the other subscribing witness do So likewise. Sworn and Subscribed in Open Court.

James Spence John Spence