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Cary Cox Jr
B: 1 Oct 1778 Halifax Co NC
D: 2 Jun 1871 Putnam Co GA

Married 10 Jan 1799 Edgefield Co SC

Martha Rountree
B: 6 Oct 1783 Union Co SC
D: 30 Jun 1863 Putnam Co GA

Daughter of Richardson Rountree & Mildred Hart

Cary Cox Jr and Martha Rountree

Name Born Died Married
Chappel 20 Dec 1799
Warren Co GA
Webster Co GA
Marth Mathis
B: 1799
Newberry Co SC
D: 1859
Webster Co GA
M: 22 Dec 1819
Willis 31 Jan 1801
Putnam Co GA
18 Jul 1872
Macon Co AL
Elizabeth Moore
B: 12 Sep 1804
Green Co GA
D: 16 Sep 1882
Waco, Texas
M: 22 Apr 1823
Monroe Co GA
Francis 9 Sep 1802
Warren Co GA
18 Oct 1869
Talbot Co GA
Rev. Wm Holt
B: 11 Apr 1792
Hog Island VA
D: 18 Sep 1874
Talbot Co GA
M: 18 Dec 1817
Nancy 14 Jan 1804
Warren Co GA
1 Sep 1823
Putnam Co GA
James Griggs
B: 1795
D: After 1849
M: 24 Dec 1818
Mariah 11 Jul 1805
Mar 1817
Putnam Co GA
Never Married
Sarah Elizabeth 27 Sep 1806
Putnam Co GA
17 Oct 1835
Sumpter Co GA
Bartley Martin Cox
B: 1802
Edgefield Co SC
D: Camilla
Mitchell Co GA
M: 28 Nov 1821
Putnam Co GA
Clarissa 20 Feb 1808
Putnam Co GA
??? Never Married
Orrin Datus 6 Dec 1809
Putnam Co GA
15 Mar 1892
Heard Co GA
Emily Taylor Moore
B: 21 Apr 1816
Greene Co GA
D: 18 Mar 1902
Heard Co GA
M: 22 Feb 1833
Monroe Co GA
Martha Maria 26 Feb 1811
Putnam Co GA
James Griggs
B: 1795
D: After 1849
M: 4 Jan 1825
Cary III 18 Oct 1812
Putnam Co GA
Covington GA
Miss Smith
B: ???
D: ???
M/1 ???

Fannie Styth Haynes
B: ???
D: ???
M/2 14 Sep 1845
Naomi Ann 17 May 1814
Putnam Co GA
6 Aug 1884
Bulter Co GA
Rev Benj Lloyd
B: 6 Oct 1804 GA
D: 14 Jan 1860
Greenville AL
M: 22 Feb 1832
Ichabod 7 Jan 1817
Putnam Co GA
1 May 1880
Macon Co GA
Sarah Jane Scott
B: ???
D: ???
M: 17 Nov 1839
William Thomas 26 Jul 1818
Putnam Co GA
26 Feb 1886
Albany GA
Mary Adeline Person
B: 23 Feb 1823
Putnam Co GA
D: 23 Dec 1851
Putnam Co GA
M/1 28 Nov 1839

Narcissa Pearson
B: 22 Jan 1830
Putnam Co GA
D: 4 Jul 1894
Lownes Co GA
M/2 9 Nov 1854
Joseph Benjamin 28 Mar 1820
Frances Farrar
B: 1826
M: 13 Oct 1842
James Daniel 28 Jan 1822
10 Dec 1833
Putnam Co GA
Never Married
Benjamin Merrell 7 Jul 1825
10 Aug 1876
Putnam Co GA
Minter Rowell
B: 1826
Putnam Co GA
D: c1880
Putnam Co GA
M: 1844

War of 1812 Soldier Ensign in the Georgia Militia in War of 1812.

Home of Cary Cox Jr & Martha Rountree
This picture was made prior to 2000. Since then the Forest Service has added a new tin roof and some restorations. Today the home is called the Cox-Mathis House and is located in the southwestern part of Putnam County, GA. For years this home has served as the Cedar Creek Game Check Station.

The name Mathis was added because Cary Jr deeded this home to his son Joseph and his wife Frances Farrar, with the understanding that he (Cary Jr) was to have a home with them as long as he lived. Joseph preceded him to the grave and his daughter-in-law married Maj John T. Mathis. After Maj Mathis's death the home was passed to his children and was later sold to the USDA Forest Service around 1934. During the Civil War the home may have housed some of General Sherman's forces when they passed through the "Half Acre" community enroute to Savannah in 1864.

The Cox-Mathis house is located about 9 miles south of Eatonton by the Glenwood Springs road. It is situated on a knolltop near the old Macon-to-Monticello road, now a half mile south of GA Hwy 212 and 12 miles east of Monticello.

Historic research for the National Register nomination showed that Rev Carey (Cary) Cox built the house and several out buildings, which are now missing, for his large family between 1807 and 1820, probably in 1812.

In 1987 the Southeastern Archeological Service surveyed the home. Their report indicates the home is a Plantation Plain home with a two-over-two room floor plan and two exterior end chimneys, one on each side of the home. There were two later additions attached to the back of the home and a porch on the front. Wainscoting and chair railings with plastered walls are evident in the interior. The home has 9 rooms.

Home of Cary Cox Jr