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Hugh Graham
B: 1755 Franklin Co NC
D: 1785 Rowan Co NC

Married ???

Sarah Hall
B: c1760
D: In GA

Name Born Died Married
Mary 8 Oct 1777
Iredell Co NC
3 Nov 1854
Greene Co GA
Walker Lewis
B: 25 Sep 1774
D: 9 May 1860
M: 1 Jun 1798 GA
Frances NC Greene Co GA _____ Otwell
B: ???
D: ???
M: ???
Susannah 6 Jan 1784
Franklin Co NC
22 Aug 1848
near Auburn AL
Spencer Moore
B: 10 Dec 1780
Susex Co DE
D: 26 Jul 1869
near Auburn AL
M: 10 Oct 1801
Greene Co GA

Hugh Graham fought in the Revolutionary War from Rowan Co NC. He died comparatively young, leaving a young wife and three daughters. Hugh Graham wrote his will on 9 Oct 1784 and died within the next few months. His wife Sarah, along with her brother Hugh Hall Jr., move to Georgia where she met Joseph Young and married him. She had one or two children by Joseph Young and also raised her three Graham girls in her Young family. Susannah, the youngest daughter of Hugh Graham, was one year old when her father died and never knew anyone except Joseph Young as her father. After Sarah died and all their children had grown and gone, Joseph Young moved to Spencer and Susannah Moore's home where he spent his last days.