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Joshua Moore
B: 20 Mar 1753
D: 12 Apr 1816
Greene Co GA

Married 24 Nov 1774
?Sussex Co DE

Phyllis Taylor
B: 5 Dec 1754
D: ???
Greene Co GA

Name Born Died Married
Nancy 16 Aug 1775
?Sussex Co DE
Greensborough GA
Zebulon Wright
B: c1770
D: 21 Dec 1839
Greene Co GA
M: 21 Nov 1798
Greene Co GA
Elizabeth 30 Jan 1777 ? Young ???
4 Oct 1778 ??? Betsy Cooper
B: ???
D: ???
M: 22 Dec 1798
Greene Co GA
Spencer 20 Dec 1780
Sussex Co DE
27 Jul 1869
Near Auburn AL
Susannah Graham
B: 6 Jan 1784
Franklin Co NC
D: 22 Aug 1848
Near Auburn AL
M: 10 Oct 1801
Greene Co GA
Joshua III 9 Apr 1783 ??? ???
B: ???
D: ???
M: ???
2 May 1785 27 Jul 1869 1/Churchill Gatlin
B: ???
D: ???
M: 1 May 1802
Greene Co GA
2/Mr Shockley
Elisha 7 Feb 1787 ? Young ???
Samuel 7 Sep 1788 ??? Lucy Ward
B: ???
D: ???
M: 16 Jan 1821
Greene Co GA



   I, Joshua Moore, of the County of Greene and State of Georgia, being weak in body but of a sound mind and memory, calling to mind the mortality of my Body that it must return to dust and my Soul to God who gave it --- and wishing to dispose of the property which God has blest me with and revoking all others do ordain this to be my Last Will and Testament in manner and form following:

To Wit:

   I give unto my wife Phillis Moore the house and plantation and the use of all my negroes (except Sall) during her life or widowhood.

Item: I give unto my daughter Nancy Wright one gray stud Colt.

Item: I give unto my son Gilly Moore one negro man by the name of Joe for which I have a bill of sale from Charles H. Hardy about twenty years old. After the death of my wife, also one desk and book case to be delivered when called for.

Item: I give unto my son Spencer one negro Bob for which I have bill of sale from the administratix of Doctor W.W. Strain Dec’d --- By giving my daughter Nancy Wright two hundred dollars.

Item: I give unto my son Joshua Moore one negro woman named Ester for which I have a bill of sale from Stephen Lawrence, after my wife’s death.

Item: I give to my daughter Patsey Gatlin one negro girl named Sally for which I have a bill of sale from William Randle to be delivered when called for --- also one tract of land one hundred and thirty three acres for which I have a deed from William Crawford and the house thereon that I began to build to finished and a good Brick Chimney put to it and o be paid for out of my Estate, also two cows and calves and two sows and pigs, to be delivered when called for.

Item: I give unto my son Samuel all that Tract of Land that I bought of and have a deed from James R. Jenkins after my wife’s death also one negro boy name George for which I have a bill of sale from William Randle, by paying to my son Joshua Moore two hundred dollars to be delivered after my wife’s death, also one corner cupboard, also one still and apparatus. Also two feather beds and furniture also two cows and calves, also two sows and pigs.

Item: My will and desire is that the land I bought of James Simmons shall be sold and be equally divided between my five grandchildren Samuel U. Gatlin, Wingate W. Gatlin, Angelina Gatlin, Alla Gatlin and Hilliard S. Gatlin or the survivors of those already named and the money to be lodged in the hand of my Executors to be dealt out to them as they come of age after all my just debts and funeral charges are paid. I bequeath unto my wife Phillis all my property of every description during her life which is not otherwise bequeathed and at her death to be equally divided amongst all my children. This being my last Will and Testament. I appoint my son Gilly Moore my sole Executor.

In Testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this Twenty sixth day of February Eighteen Hundred and Sixteen.

Joshua Moore (Seal)

Signed and sealed in presence of:
John Winfield
Charles Bailey
Bathsheba X Tyler

Will recorded 17 Aug 1816, Will Bk E, pg 149, Greene Co GA.