My mtDNA Lineage

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My mtDNA Results
Haplogroup: U5b
HVR1: 16093C, 16189C, 16270T
HVR2: 73G, 150T, 263G, 315.1C
Results from Family Tree DNA

If you don't understand what mtDNA is, here is a brief explanation. The mt means "mitochondrial" and is inherited only from the mother. Because of the way mtDNA is passed down it is essentially the study of the human female genetic lines with the mothers mtDNA passed to all children, male and female, but only the female children can pass their mtDNA on to their children. In other words, males with carry their mothers mtDNA but will not pass it on to their children, however, a female will pass her mtDNA to all her children and the female children will pass it on to their children.

Below is a chart on what I believe to be my mtDNA line. If you find mistakes or can add to this line, please let me know.

My mtDNA Ancestors
Born Died Daughter Of
Edith Robinson 27 Sep 1917
Waverly AL
4 Mar 1976
Kansas City MO
Jesse B Robinson III
Myrtie M Patrick
Myrtie M Patrick 25 Jul 1883
Waverly AL
D: 29 Jan 1978
Waverly AL
Benj P Patrick
Harriett L Hughes
Harriett L Hughes 1847
Shelby Co AL
15 Jan 1932
Tallapoosa Co AL
Abner A Hughes
Elizabeth Kidd
Elizabeth Kidd 4 Oct 1810
?Elbert Co GA
19 Dec 1883
Tallapoosa Co AL
Martin Kidd
Martha Barrett
Martha "Patsy"
1784 ?GA 14 Oct 1823
St Clair Co AL
Ninian Barrett
Mary James
Mary James ?1752 MD 1824
Morgan Co GA