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Notes On John Robinson

Is this the same John Robinson found in Rutherford Co NC?

Anson Co NC DB H Pg 40 30 July 1767 John Ashley of Craven Co to John Robertson of Anson 100A N of Cheek’s Crk. Wit: Thomas Ussery, Luke Robinson, William Ussery.

Here are some notes on why I think John Robinson, found in Rutherford Co NC, may be the son of Thomas Robinson Sr.

28 Feb 1775 John Robeson LG for 200A "on both sides of Puzle Creek of Second Broad River".

NOTE: There is very little in the records between the above LG and what follows to identify the above John Robinson. He is clearly in the right place in 1775 to be the later one. Whether it's the same person or not is unknown. No documents in Rutherford Co list a Jr or Sr. The 1790 Rutherford Co NC census does not list any John Robinson, whereas the 1800 Rutherford Co NC census lists two.

Possible Children of John Robinson
Name Born Died Married
John Unknown Unknown Unknown
Luke Unknown Unknown 1st/Drusilla Green
B: ???
D: ???
M: 1 Nov 1805
Rutherford Co NC
prob dau of Wm and Drusilla Green

2d/Judith Burge
B: 9 Aug 1787
Rutherford Co NC
D: ???
M: 16 Nov 1817
Rutherford Co NC
dau of Woody Burge and Judy

1791 Aug: Thomas Cavender enters 100A in Rutherford Co NC on NS Second Broad Riv adj Thomas Robertson [Robinson], Thomas Hawkins, Hambrick, Langly, Cartright and Lewis. Transferred to John Robison by order. Pg 1267 20 Nov 1791 Rutherford Co NC land Entries.

1796: Thomas Robinson Jr marries Mary Lewis (daughter of Abel Lewis) on 20 Jul 1796, Rutherford Co, NC. The bondsman was John Robinson.

1796: Thomas (John Robinson lined out) Robinson enters 300 acres in Rutherford Co adjacent Thomas Cavander, Cartwright to the east, Abel Lewis to the northeast on Puzzell Creek and Joseph Burinett. 13 Jan 1796, Pg 107, Rutherford Co Land Entries.

1796: Thomas Hawkins of Rutherford Co NC to John Robinson of same 30A on ES of Thomas Robinson and Thomas Cavander. S/Thomas Hawkins. Wit: Abel Lewis, Sarah (S) Lewis. Recorded: 7 Jan 1796 Rutherford Co NC Deeds 1800-1802 Vol 14 Pg 283.

1796: Thomas Hawkins of Rutherford Co NC to John Robertson of same for L180 120A adj Wm Johnston and Thomas Robertson. S/Thomas Hawkins. Wit: Wm Leveritt, Abel Lewis, Bartel Eves. Recorded: 19 Jul 1797 Rutherford Co NC Deeds 1796-1800 Vol 6 Pg 71.

1. Mary Leverette on 5 April 1825 Jasper Co GA marries Burwell Malone.
2. March 1785 Richmond Co NC Ct Minutes: Luke Robeson and Obedience his wife late the relict of Wm. Adams, Deceased came into Court and Prayed letters of Administration and was granted to the Court and gave Solomon Gross and Richard Leveret Bail for their perform and in the Sum of Seven Hundred Pounds.

1797: John Robinson enters 50 acres in Rutherford Co on ES of Second Broad Riv adj Thomas Robinson, Wm Eves. 28 Sep 1797 Pg 146 Rutherford Co Land Entries 1795-1803.

1797: Abel Lewis and John Robinson enter 260A in Rutherford Co on ES of Second Broad River and on the waters of Puzzel Creek adj James Flin, George Lewis (brother of Abel), John Robinson, Langum, Waterson, Whitesides, Samuel Thomason. 9 Sep 1797, Pg 146, Rutherford Co Land Entries.

1800: Abel Lewis and John Robinson enter 260A in Rutherford Co on Puzzle Crk adj the lower end of Watterson's land, Whitesides on N, Flinn on W, Hambrick, J. Baber, Geo Lewis on S. 15 Apr 1800 Pg 215 Rutherford Co Land Entries 1795-1803.

The 1800 Rutherford Co NC Census:

John Robison
1 White Male under 10
1 White Male between 26-45
1 White Female under 10
1 White Female between 16-26

John Robison
3 White Males under 10
2 White Males between 16-26
1 White Male over 45
2 White Females under 10
1 White Female between 10-16
1 White Female between 16-26
1 White Female between 26-45

1803: Rutherford Co, NC Deeds, 1802-1807, Bk 20-21, Pg 48. May 5th 1803, This Indenture made the Eighth Day of July in the year of Lord one thousand seven hundred & Ninety nine Between John Robinson of the County of Rutherford and state of North Carolina of the one part and Drury Allen of the County and state afores'd of the other part Witnesseth that the sd John Robinson for and in consideration of the sum of Ninety pounds in hand paid by the sd Drury Allen the Receipt where of is herby Acknowledged hath bargained and sold... unto the said Drury Allen all that tract piece & parcel of land situated lying in the County of Rutherford... upon Robinsons Creek on the west side of sd Creek Beginning in Clayburn Burnetts corner on a Spanish Oak in said Creek thence down with the Meanders of sd Creek opposite side to the mouth of Buggar Branch where John Teas line crosses said Creek. Thence S(?) 68 west ?ing upon David Millers & Martha Morgans line which line was surveyed to John Tea until it Strikes Eavers [Eaves] line cornering upon a stake Thence North one hundred & Eighty poles to a stake on Martha Morgans line Thence running on sd Martha Morgans original line thence No 72 West to a stake the fourth corner of said Morgans line thence N 18 E to the Conditional line Between Clayton Burnett and John Tea Cornering on a stake Thence on said conditional line to the Beginning on said Creek supposed by Estimation to be one hundred and fifty eight acres be the same More or less it being a part of the tracts of land one originally patent by Thos Robinson the other patent by David Miller & Martha Morgan... the said John Robinson hath hereunto set his hand and seal the Day and Date above written. Signed: John Robinson in the prescence of Wm. F. Whiteside, Charles Allen.

1. 1787 June: Thomas Robinson LG for 200A on Robinson Crk. Borders my own land on BS sd creek and Bouger Br and joins Martha Morgan and David Miller. Recorded Pg 785 3 Jun 1787 Rutherford Co NC Land Entries.
2. Either John Robinson was given this land or it was sold to him by Thomas Robinson Sr. I've never found a transfer of ownership, but I believe the land John Robinson sold is part of the 200A LG for Thomas Robinson Sr listed above.

1804: Thomas Robinson is a member of the Concord Baptist Church (Bostic NC) in 1804 according to the church minutes. Concord Baptist Church is one mile south of Bostic in Rutherford Co. Other members are Luke and John Robinson, Abel Lewis, Graves and Bartlett Eaves.

1804: Bartlett Eaves of Rutherford Co NC to John Robinson of same for $43 land originally patented to Bartlett Eaves on Webb Creek and Puzzel Creek containing 200A. S/Bartlett (B) Eaves. Wit: Luke Robinson, Abel Lewis, Graves Eaves. 21 Aug 1804 Rutherford Co Deeds 1809-1816 Vol 26 Pg 517.