Thomas Robinson Jr

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Thomas Jr
B: 1 Jun 1772 Rutherford Co, NC
D: 18 Aug 1846 Chambers Co, AL
Buried Sharon Baptist Cemetery, Chambers Co, AL
Click HERE for Sharon Baptist Cemetery

Married 20 Jun 1797 Rutherford Co, NC

Sarah (Mary Sallie) Lewis
B: 29 Apr 1778 NC
D: 25 Apr 1863 Chambers Co, AL
Buried Sharon Baptist Cemetery
Daughter of Abel Lewis

Name Born Died Married
Abel Lewis

2 Jul 1798
Rutherford Co, NC
19 May 1876
Chambers Co, AL
Mt Hickory Cemetery
Chambers Co, AL
Sarah (Sallie) Faulkner
B: 1802 GA
D: After 1876 Chambers Co, AL
M: ??? Jasper Co, GA

24 Oct 1800
Rutherford Co NC
21 Nov 1858
Airmount Cemetery
Yalobusha Co, MS
Matilda Ann Faulkner
B: 15 Oct 1808 GA
D: 24 Aug 1857
Yalobsha Co MS
M: ???
Cinderella 1802
Rutherford Co NC
2 Dec 1851
Chambers Co, AL
Sharon Cemetery
Chambers Co, AL
Never Married
John A.

Rutherford Co NC
c1876 Christine Loggett
B: 1814 GA
D: ???
M: ???
Sarah Elizabeth

Glenrose, TX
Sam Strayhan
B: ???
D: 17 Jun 1852
Chambers Co AL
Sharon Primitive Baptist Ch
M: 1824
Monroe Co, GA
Thomas Jefferson

Elizabeth Ann McClendon
B: 22 Dec 1812 GA
D: 19 Apr 1854
Chambers Co AL
Milltown Cemetery
M: 1833
Butts Co, GA
Jesse Berryman 21 Jan 1814
Butts Co, GA
14 May 1871
Macon Co, AL
Canaan Cemetery
Martha Ann Carlisle
B: 1832
Cowetta Co, GA
D: 1896
Macon Co, AL
Buried Canaan Cemetery
M: 14 Feb 1839
Chambers Co, AL
Christine/Christian (Kitty)

?Clay Co AL Casper M. Amos
B: 1807
Spartanburg SC
D: ?Randolph/Clay Co AL
M: 15 Jan 1829
Butts Co, GA

Dawson Bradford Cem
Elmore Co, AL
Rev Daniel H. McCoy
B: 1816 GA
D: 1867
Dawson Bradford
Elmore Co, AL
M: 7 Feb 1836
Chambers Co, AL
Mary A.

??? Andrew T. Dozier
B: 1817
D: aft 1880
M: 14 Nov 1840
Chambers Co, Al
Malinda Ann

11 Nov 1823
8 Apr 1893
LaFayette Cemetery
Chambers Co AL
1st/James Brooks
B: 1797 GA
D: 1880 AL
Lafayette Cemetery
Chambers County, Al
M: 4 Oct 1838 Chambers Co AL
2d/William Carlisle
B: ???
D: ???
M: ???

Thomas Robinson Jr was born in Rutherford Co, North Carolina. Nothing is known of his early life, but you have to believe he grew up doing those things a fairly well off farm boy would do in that time. He clearly was educated and when his father, Thomas Sr, died he began accumulating land on Robinson and Puzzle Creek in Rutherford Co. There are numerous deeds (listed below) during this time in North Carolina. Why and exactly when he left North Carolina is unknown. It was probably for new land that cause the move and the standard westward route was either Tennessee or Georgia. He decided on Georgia. His route into Georgia would have paralled today's I-85, which at that time was an Indian Trading Path that was two wagons wide. The route would not have been easy, but better than most roads in the South at that time.

The first place I find Thomas Jr is in Baldwin County, Georgia in Jan 1808. The second record, dated Jul 1808, says he was from Randolph County. Georgia was expanding west very quickly during this time and new counties were being carved out of the old ones and it wasn't unusual to find several different county names on one persons deeds even though they didn't move very far. In this case, Randolph, in 1807, was formed out of Baldwin Co and then in 1812, Jasper Co was cut out of Randolph Co. By 1822, Thomas Jr is looking west and purchases land in then Monroe Co, GA, which became Butts Co in 1825. It's doubtful he moved to Butts Co this early but was acquiring land and planning the move. By late 1824 he appears to have moved permanently into Butts Co.

For a chronological listing of events relating to Thomas Robinson Jr in North Carolina and Georgia click here.

By 1838 Thomas Robinson is listed in the census of Wickerville, Chambers Co, AL. Also listed with him are Thomas Robinson Jr (his son), Jesse Robinson and Casper Amos.

Note: Wickerville was one of the largest of the early settlements in Chambers Co. The town was named for John Wicker and in the winter of 1838 boasted nearly a population of 2000. Today Wickerville is know by the name of Denson and is about 4 miles south of Fredonia.

Records on Thomas Robinson found in Chambers Co, AL:

A.J. Davis to Thomas Robinson Senr Mortgage for 2 tracts for $370 for "a note in hand" due 25 Dec 1839. Wit: J.B. Robinson, W.W. Carlisle, J.P. Dated 12 Jan 1839, Pg 369 #258 Chambers Co, AL Deed Records 1837-1839 Vol 2.

B. Stroud to Thomas Robinson for $100 160 acres of SW Qtr of Section 26 TS 23 of Range 27. 8 May 1840, Pg 367 #303 Chambers Co, AL Deed Records 1839-1840 Vol 3.

Note: This land was located about 1 mile north of Denson.

A.M. O'Hara to Thomas Robinson for #775 160 acres in the NW 1/4 of Section 29 Township 23 of Range 28. 7 Jan 1840, Pg 244 #1191 Chambers Co, AL Deed Records 1843-1844 Vol 6.

Note: This land was located on the east side of Hwy 81 about 2 miles south of Fredonia.

1840 Chambers Co, AL Census:

Thomas Robinson 1F: 15-20; 1F: 30-40; 1F: 50-60; 1M: 60-70; 15 Slaves

Thomas Robinson and wife Sarah Robinson to A.J. Dozier for $400 160 acres in the NW Qtr Sec 29 Range 28 TS 23. Wit: A.L. Robinson, J.B. Robinson J.P. Signed Thomas Robinson, Sarah (X) Robinson. 8 Sep 1843, Pg 245 #1192 Chambers Co, AL Deed Records 1843-1844 Vol 6.

Note: A.J. Dozier married on 4 Nov 1840, Chambers Co, AL Lucy Robinson, a dau of Thomas Robinson.

Thomas Robinson Sr Deed of Gift:

Know all men by these present that I Thomas Robinson (Senior), do by these present give and bequeath to my trusty sons and son-in-law Samuel Strayhan, Jesse B. Robinson and Abel L. Robinson. In trust for my beloved son and his wife during their Life time and after their death to go and to be equally divided amongst the lawful heirs of my said son Thomas Robinson (Junior) and his wife Eliza Robinson heirs, equally amongst them, one Negro boy by the name of Sam, about Eleven years old, also Three Hundred dollars in cash. In Trust to be by my Trustees above named, laid out for a piece of Land for the use of my said son, Thomas and Eliza for and during their life times to the best advantage. Said Negro, and land when purchased the ______ work _____ and all of it to go to the support and maintenance of my said son Thomas and Eliza as above named, the said boy Sam and the said above Three Hundred Dollars on the land when purchased in no event to be subject to the debt already contracted by my said son or any he may contract hereafter either before my death or after. I also give and bequeath all the notes I have on my said son to be delivered up when this gift takes effect and all other evidences I have of debts on him, I the said Thomas Robinson Senior hereby charging my said Trustees to see that said negro and Three Hundred Dollars be disposed of as above directed, and that I consider from a Neat Calculation. It will be the full and entire share coming from my Estate to him, and hereby direct that he never receive any more of my said Estate and that what I now give is only in trust as above named. I the said Thomas Robinson Senior hereby not allowing, but directing that this Deed shall not take effect until my death nor until the death of my wife Sarah Robinson. I the said Thomas Robinson hereby reserving to myself the right of revoking this deed at any time during my life time if I think proper, given under my hand and Seal this Twenty-ninth day of March 1845.
Wit: James Brooks, C.M. Amos J.P.
Signed Thomas Robinson

29 Mar 1845, Pg 320 #1674 Chambers Co, AL Deed Record 1844-1846 Vol 7.

Estate of Thomas Robinson

Be it remembered that heretofore Samuel Strahan and Jesse B. Robinson, Administrators of the Estate of Thomas Robinson, deceased, filed in the Office of the Clerk of the County Court of Chambers County, an account and vouchers, betwixt themselves as such Administrators and said estate; and said account and vouchers having been started and reported for Settlement, and due publication of said Settlement have been made in terms of the law; and said Settlement having been continued upon sufficient cause from term to term of said Court, until the present term; and the heirs and legatees of said estate having been notified to show cause if any they had at the present term of the Court why a Decree of final Settlement should not be rendered by the Court; and no one appearing and objecting to said account and vouchers; and the vouchers appearing reasonable and fair; It is thereupon ordered that the allowances asked for, be allowed, and that the account and vouchers, as stated and reported, by the Judge be allowed.

And it appearing to the satisfaction of the Court, that the sum of Eleven Thousand Nine Hundred Dollars and Ten Cents, has come into the hands of said Administrators with which sum they are properly chargable and that they are entitled to credits, to the amount of (for commissions and trouble and vouchers herewith filed) Nineteen Hundred and Thirty One 32/100 Dollars; which last sum being deducted from the first name sum, leaves still in the hands of said Administrators the sum of Nine Thousand Nine Hundred and Sixty Eight 78/100 Dollars, subject to distribution in the following manner and to the following named persons; to wit: there being more than four children, the widow of said deceased, to wit Sarah Robinson, is entitled to one fifth, which makes the sum of Nineteen Hundred and Ninety Three 75/100 Dollars which being deducted from the last afore said sum, leaves still in the hands of said Administrators the sum of Seven Thousand Nine Hundred and Seventy Five 03/100 Dollars from which last sum deducted Five Hundred and Nine 58/100 Dollars, the amount due the said widow in the way of restoration, as per agreement among the Heirs and Legatees, in consequence of amounts received by said heirs and legatees during the lifetime of said deceased, there will be still left, in the hands of said Administrators the sum of Seven Thousand Four Hundred and Sixty Five 45/100 Dollars subject to distribution, in the following manner, and to the following name persons to wit:
Abel L. Robinson $599.32
Cinderilla Robinson $347.64
Samuel Strahan in right of his wife Sarah Robinson Strahan $884.64
Jesse B. Robinson $796.64
Daniel H. McCoy in right of his wife Lucy Robinson McCoy $903.14
Andrew T. Dozier in right of his wife Mary Robinson Dozier $892.42
James Brooks in right of his wife Melinda Robinson Brooks $1169.64
Casper M. Amos in right of his wife Christian Robinson Amos $877.95

And it further appearing file to the satisfaction of the Court by receipts and notes herewith filed that John Robinson, Luke Robinson and Thomas Robinson are indebted to and have received respectively from said estate more than the amount of distributive share and they having failed or refused to "hotch potch" it is therefore ordered adjudged and decreed, that said Administration be fully and finally discharged from all liability so far as the three last married heirs and legatees are concerned.

And it further appearing to the further satisfaction of the Court, that there are various notes and claims against the heirs and legatees and other persons, for various amounts the maker or promises of which are deem insolvent; It is therefore ordered, adjudged and decreed, that said Administrators be fully and finally discharged from all liabilities, so far as said notes and claims are concerned, which will more fully appear, reference being had to the account herewith filed and marked as insolvent claims and allowance prayed for the same as such; And that said Administrators be allowed to with draw said notes or claims for the purpose of collecting or otherwise disposing of the same, by any agreement, made and entered into betwixt the Heirs and legatees of said estate, they being now all of full age.

Filed in the Minutes of Orphans court Vol 8 Pg 15, 9 Jan 1869, Chambers Co, AL.

In 1846 a deed was made from the Legatees of Thomas Robinson to Andrew J. Dozier for $1170 200 acres on the WS of the N 1/2 Sec 36 Township 23 Range 27. This deed was signed by A. L. Robinson, Sally Robinson, J. B. Robinson, Martha A. Robinson, C. M. Amos, Christian Amos, Samuel Strahan, Sarah Strahan, D. H. McCoy, Lucy McCoy, James Brooks, Malinda Brooks, Cinderella (X) Robinson. A. L. Robinson signed as Atty in fact for Luke Robinson, Matilda Robinson, John Robinson, Matilda Robinson. Recorded Oct 1850 Pg 11 Chambers Co, AL Deed Records 1850-1852 Vol 10.

Note: The wives are named after their husbands in this deed. This land is just north of Denson and west of New Hope Church.