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Who Is The Father Of Thomas Robinson Sr?

I have asked on the THOMAS ROBINSON Spotsylvania Co VA page if it's possible JOHN ROBINSON in Spotsylvania Co might be his father. This opens a big question because JOHN ROBINSON of Spotsylvania Co is a son of CHRISTOPHER ROBINSON of Hewick in Middlesex Co VA. There is not one record that I've found that contains the name of THOMAS ROBINSON with JOHN ROBINSON. However, I have listed below those records that do point to this connection.

The THOMAS ROBINSON in Spotsylvania Co VA is clearly the TR in Brunswick Co VA in 1735. There is certainly some overlap between him being in Spotsylvania and Brunswick. His first deed in Brunswick was this:

THOMAS ROBINSON leases and releases 150 acres in 1735 from WILLIAM TOMS and wife Margaret of St Andrew Parish. Land is located on the NS of the Roanoke River in Clemens [Clements] line. Part of a grant to John Davis and sold to Toms. Witnesses to deed are Cornelius Keith, Samuel (B) Buckstone, William Jinkines [Jenkins]. Deed recorded 4/5 Feb 1735/6 Pg 269-271 Brunswick Co VA Deeds.

We know from the 1704 King William Co VA Rent Rolls that WILLIAM TOMS is listed. Also listed is THOMAS CARR and HENRY CHILES. JOHN ROBINSON is in Middlesex Co VA.

THOMAS ROBINSON sells his Brunswick Co VA land in 1745:

THOMAS ROBERSON and Mary, his wife, of Edgecombe County [North] Carolina to [13 Jun 1745] Christopher Hudson of St Andrew's Parish in Brunswick Co VA for L45 one certain tract of land and plantation containing about 150 acres lying in a bent on the NS of Roanoke River in St Andrew's Parish in Brunswick and bounded by the line of John Clemens [Clements] deceased, a line the said Roberson and William Toms made between themselves. The land was patented to John Davis of St Andrew's Parish in Brunswick Co and afterwards sold by Davis to William Toms who sold it to Thomas Roberson. S/Thomas Roberson, Mary (her X mark) Roberson. Witness: JOHN WILKINS, Mary (her X mark) Wilkins, William Taber. Recorded Pg 84, Brunswick Co Deed Book 3, 3 Oct 1745.

The witness of the above deed, JOHN WILKINS, is in Sportsylvania Co at the same time THOMAS ROBINSON was there:

SPOTSYLVANIA COUNTY ROAD ORDERS 1722-1734: 4 June 1728 O.S., Page 233 On motion of JOHN WALLER he is discharged from being overseer of the road from Mattapany Church to east north east bridge and the said road is divided into two precincts and JOHN WILKINGS [WILKINS] and Daniell Brown are appointed Overseers in his room, Vizt: from east north east bridge to JOHN WALLERS bridge including the same, Mr JOHN WILKINGS [WILKINS] is appointed overseer & ordered that JOHN WALLER, Zachary Lewis, JOHN WILKINGS [WILKINS], John Wiglesworth, Dennitt Abney senr: Dennitt Abney Junr: John Smith, Wm Dobbs, Daniell Pruett, Robert Baylors Quarter & Robert Stublefield, working Male tithables do help him clear & keep in repair the same.

6 Aug 1728 JOHN WILKINS of Spots Co to John Wiglesworth of the same county 25 curr 200A of land part of a pat granted the sd Wilkins 16 June 1727 in St Geo Par Spots Co Rec 6 Aug 1728. Mary, the wife of John Wilkins, acknowledged her dower. JOHN WALLER witness.

JOHN WALLER JR LG 28 Sep 1728 Spotsylvania Co 1000A NS the Northanna beg and extending in Thomas Certains line and extending corner of JOHN WILKINS by a small branch.

2 September 1729 O.S., Page 340 On petition of JOHN WILKINGS [WILKINS], he is discharged from being overseer of the road from WALLERS bridge to East north east bridge, & Ordered that John Smith do Serve in his room & that the same tithables which Served under ye Said Wilkings, do help the said Smith clear & keep in good repair the said road.

JOHN WALLER LG 11 Jan 1730 Spotsylvania Co 2900A SS the Middle River and on the branches of East North East [creek] adj Maj Todd, Rbt Coleman, Joseph Smith, Mrs Mary Waller, Zach Lewis, EDMUND WALLER, BENJ WALLER, Thos Sertain and JOHN WILKINS.

Listed below are 4 documents that were witnessed by THOMAS ROBINSON in either Spotsylvania Co or Caroline Co:

3 Jun 1735 JOHN WALLER of Spotsylvania Co to his son WM WALLER. Deed of Gift 274 1/2A in Spotsylvania Co on ridge bet Matapony and Pamunkey Riv, etc. Wit: THOMAS CARR JR, B. WALLER, EDMUND WALLER, THOMAS ROBINSON. Rec DB C 1 Jul 1735 Spotsylvania Co VA.

4 May 1736 HENRY CHILES of Spotsylvania Co and Mercy his wife and JOHN CHILES of King William Co to Humphrey Hill of St Margaret's Par King William Co, Merchant 400A in St Geo Par Spotsylvania Co part of a patent granted Henry Webber 28 Oct 1723, etc. Wit: JOHN WALLER, WM WALLER, THOMAS ROBINSON, Wm Hansford, Chs Barrett. Rec DB C 6 July 1736 Spotsylvania Co VA.

4 Dec 1736 JOHN WALLER of Spotsylvania Co Gent to Zachary Lewis of same Gent 414A in Spotsylvania Co 397A part thereof of patent granted JNO WALLER JR 28 Sep 1728 and conveyed by him to sd Jno Waller as by deeds 23 and 24 Jun 1730 residue thereof part of a tract granted to sd Waller 21 Feb 1720 then in King William Co. Wit: WM WALLER, THOMAS ROBINSON, EDMUND WALLER. Rec DB C 7 Dec 1736 Spotsylvania Co VA.

Order Bk of Caroline Co 1732-1740 Pg 488 14 Jul 1738. The last will and testament and codicil of THOMAS CARR Gent. was presented in Court by MARY CARR, JOHN CARR, AGNES WALLER and SARAH MINOR, executrix and executors therein named and proved by the oaths of JOHN WALLER and THOMAS ROBINSON and affirmation of Chs. Goodall.

Where was JOHN ROBINSON? These two Land Grants tell you where:

JOHN ROBINSON VPB 10 p373 23 Apr 1718 2200a SS of one of the Great Branches of Mattapony Riv in King Wm Co.
Note: This land was later in Spotsylvania Co.
Note: This land was named Cleasby and is a reference to the ancestral home of the Robinson family in England.

JOHN ROBINSON of Middlesex Co VPB 11 p48 2 Nov 1720 2000a on SS of Middle Riv adj his own land in King Wm Co.

Rbt Coleman LG 16 Jun 1727 Spotsylvania Co 688A adj to the said Colemans lands, which he bought of Captain Joseph Smith and Colonel JOHN ROBINSON, Colonel JOHN WALLER and Captain Larkin Chews Land.

July 4, 1727 Larkin Chew of St Geo. Par Spts Co, Gentl., to Daniel Brown of the same par. and county, planter. £22 ster., 341 a. of land in Spts. Co. part of a pat. granted sd. Chew June 4, 1721, adjoining Col. JNO. ROBINSON. Witnesses: Moseley Battaley, JOHN WALLER, JNO. WALLER JUNR. Rec. July 4, 1727.

Sept 3, 1727. George x Carter of Spts. Co., planter, to Phebee Hobson, widdow, of the same county. £7 ster., 50 a. of land-part of pat. granted Robert Coleman Decr. 2, 1723, and sold unto the sd. Carter, in St. Geo. Par., Spts. Co., joining the lands of Collo. JOHN ROBINSON and Robert Coleman. Witnesses, Danil. Brown, John Nalle, Winifred W. Tillery. Rec. June 4, 1728.

JOHN WALLER LG 28 Sep 1730 Spotsylvania Co 400A SS Mattapony Riv adj land of Major CARR, Col ROBINSON, Robert Coleman and Col WALLER.

May 1, 1739. John x Smith of St. Geo. Par., Spts. Co., planter, to Thomas Dillard of same Par, and County, planter. 1200 lbs. tob. and 3 bbls. Indian corn. 200 a. in St. Geo. Par., Spts. Co.-part of pat. granted sd. Smith, Sept 28, 1728, joining lands of John Tyre, Ralph Williams, Thomas Hubbard, William Pruet, and near adjoining lands of THOS. CARR, Gent., decd., and JOHN ROBINSON, Esqr., now Humphrey Bells, etc. Witnesses: Robert Holloway, Mary x Asmon. May 1, 1739. Margaret, wife of John Smith, acknowledged her dower, etc.

Humphry Bell LG 15 March 1744 Spotsylvania Co 2825A beginning and extending in Colonel ROBINSON Cleasby patent line. Also adjoins land of Robert Coleman, Colonel WALLER and George Carter and others.

JOHN ROBINSON land is adjacent the WALLERS and CARRS. There are no other ROBINSON in the immediate area. The CARRS, WALLERS and ROBINSONS were very affluent and it's doubtful they would let just anybody witness their transactions.