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Notes on Luke Robinson

Was Luke Robinson, whose will is recorded in Will Book A Pg 90 25 Dec 1812 Marlborough Dist SC, the son of Thomas Robinson who died before May 1794 in Rutherford Co NC?

What I know:

1. 100% ydna match between Luke Robinson and Thomas Robinson descendants.
2. The first record for Luke is a Lord Granville 550A Land Grant issued in Granville Co NC which says Luke entered the land in 1755. In 1757 this land on SS Hico Crk was surveyed on 28 Jan 1757. The land was on the County line adj John Pryor. Lawrence Rambo, John Ussery CB. This LG ended up in Orange Co NC.
3. In 1755 a Thomas Robinson is found in the Granville Co Tax List living almost adj Phillip Pryor. John and Phillip Pryor were brothers and the sons of Robert Pryor and Eliz Green out of Ware Par, Gloucester Co VA. Notice below that John Pryor had also lived in the same area as Thomas Robinson before his move.

1. Pg 433 Edgecombe Co NC John Pryor of Edgecombe Co NC to Samuel Hackney of Edgecombe Co NC 13 Dec 1752 L200 338A joining George Goodwin and 200A joining the other tract, William Williams, Bevardam swamp and William Kinchen and is land John Lane bought of Nathaniel Cooper 19 Feb 1744. Wit: John Pope, Sherrod Haywood, James Lane. Reg Edgecombe Co NC May Ct 1753.
2. William Williams is listed in the 1755 Granville Co NC Militia list as a Sergeant in Cpt Andrew Hampton's Company. Thomas Robinson was also listed as a Sergeant in this company.
3. 5 Sep 1755 Lawrence Rambo of Orange Co NC deeded 100A on BS Castle Crk to John Pryor for L10. Orange Co NC DB 1 Pg 33.

4. In 1757 Luke was ordered to pay a fine in Lunenberg Co VA for disorderly conduct in the Clerks office.

Nr 2 above. 1751 Granville Co NC Road Order: "...September the 3rd 1751...ordered that Paul Harrelson, Lawrence Rambow, David Staplon, James Hendrick, John Horley, William Chambers, William W. Coore, Robert Bumpass, James Shearman, Ephriam Merrit, Richard Gibbs, George Morris, Thomas Roberson, Josias Dickson, Michel Dickson, Hugh Dobbin lay out a road the best and most convenient way the end of the road near Mitchel's Quarter thence crossing Mayo near Gordon's, Hico near Serjants and from thence to be continued to the upper inhabitants and that the inhabitants below and near the upper side of the road open and maintain the same and that John Gordon be appointed overseer of the road below Mayo Creek and William Chambers Esq. of the upper part...Dan Weldon C.C. ...given under my hand this 8th day of Oct 1751...Jonathen White..." Document is signed by: William Chambers, Paul Harralson, William Sargant, Josias Dickson, John Sharman, Thomas Robson, James Hendrick, George Morris, John Horly, Lawrance Rambo, Richard Gibbs, Hugh Dobbins." Click here for a copy.

Nr 3 above. John and Phillip Pryor had a brother named Luke. Is this where the Luke name came from?

Nr 4 above is often used to show that Luke Robinson was born and came out of Lunenburg Co VA. I believe it was nothing more than Luke accompanying his father-in-law, Wm Ussery, back to Lunenburg Co VA so Wm Ussery could complete some unfinished business he had in Lunenburg Co. Wm Ussery was in Lunenburg Co VA prior to entering NC. In 1756 Wm Ussery had a LG adj Michel Dickson (see Nr 2 above).

5. Luke Robinson researchers estimate that Luke was married in 1756 to Wm Usserys dau Christian. This makes sense because Luke was almost adj Wm Ussery in 1755 in Orange Co NC.

6. In 1758 Thomas Robinson sells the last remaining land he has in Granville Co NC. In this deed he says he is from Orange Co NC.

Note: These two Orange Co NC court records are for the same Thomas Robinson:

Thomas Goss is granted administration on the estate of his brother William Goss, dec'd. Bond L200. Securities: Thomas Robinson, James Couch, Edward Stone. Folio 65 Pg 129 Orange Co NC Ct Dec 1757.

Thomas Robinson of Orange Co was allowed one pound two shillings and six pence for provisions for the Indians. NC Colonial records for Friday 2 Dec 1758.

7. On 2 Jan 1761 Luke Roberson of Granville Co records his 550A Lord Granville LG. Notice he says he is out of Granville Co NC.

Note: In 1755 Laurence Rambo of Orange sold to John Pryor of same 100A on BS Castle Crk, a branch of the Hico beg at John Pryor's corner. Castle Crk is in Persons Co NC today. This is where Luke Robinson had his LG on Hico Crk. William Ussery also had a LG of 640A on Mayo Crk that he entered on 11 Nov 1755. This LG was on Marlowe Crk which is adj to Castle Crk.

8. In 1764 Luke Robertson sold to John Camp 402A on Middle Fork of Little River.

Note: This was a Lord Granville LG to Nathaniel Walton on 15 Jul 1760 and Walton sold it to Luke Robertson in 1764. I've never found this deed however it is referenced several times when John Camp, who Luke sold it to, sold it. Middle fork of the Little Riv would have been south of Luke's land on Hico Crk but in the same general area.

9. In 1769 Luke Robertson of Anson Co NC sells to Rodger Atkinson of Dunwoody (Dinwiddie) Co VA for L30 200A on County Line adj Rodger Atkinson's corner. Part of tract from Granville to Robertson 1759. S/Luke (X) Robertson. Wit Malcolm Usary, Wm Usary. Recorded DB 3 Pg 281 26 Dec 1769.

Note: I've never found where Luke sold the remaining part of his LG but he is clearly in Anson Co NC by this time.

10. Luke's will says this: " eight Children John Robeson, Thomas Robeson, Leggitt Robeson, Christian Chambers, William Robeson and Obediance Gibson and Sally Usery & Mary Usery...".

I've never found one transaction done between Luke Robinson and the Thomas Robinson who d bef May 1794 in Rutherford Co NC. But consider this:

1. Thomas Robinson was clearly older than Luke.
2. Luke named a son Thomas. Perhaps a second son.
3. The Luke name shows up for several generations in the Thomas Robinson (Rutherford Co) family.
4. Luke's son Thomas was left property in Luke's will long after the Thomas Robinson in Rutherford Co NC was dead, so he can't be Luke's son. It's possible they were brothers but the age different causes problems with that.
5. Thomas Robinson of Rutherford Co NC son Thomas Robinson Jr goes to Jasper Co GA at the same time Luke's son John Robinson moves to Jasper Co. They live almost adj each other and their children have many of the same names.

Tracking the Thomas Robinson in Rutherford Co back to the Thomas Robinson in Orange Co NC is difficult. There just aren't any records that show these two guys are the same. The Thomas Robinson in Granville Co NC was clearly the Thomas Robinson found in the 1735 deed in Brunswick Co VA. Prior to that he may have been in Spotsylvania Co VA. Thomas Roberson and his wife Mary sold this land in 1745 and on this deed he said he was from Edgecombe Co NC. He is the only Thomas Robinson in Edgecombe Co at this time. In 1747 he buys 400A from Isaac Ricks. He later sells this land in two parcels with the second parcel being sold in 1758 when he says he is from Orange Co NC.

Prior to Brunswick Co VA Thomas Robinson may have been the Thomas Robinson found in Edgecombe Prec of Bertie Co NC in 1733.

In early Anson Co NC there is a Thomas Robinson found on the SS of the Catawba Riv in 1749 with several LG's. These would have been in Gaston Co NC today. From 1753 until 1761 there isn't one record for a Thomas Robinson west of the Catawba Riv. Starting in 1762 I can show a straight line in the records to the Thomas Robinson who died in Rutherford Co NC. Whether the earlier Thomas Robinson is the one found after 1761 is unclear.