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August Co VA Connection?

These are my notes on a possible THOMAS ROBINSON connection with the Augusta Co VA Robinson's. This info has been taken from many sources and could be incorrect. Use with caution.

4 Jan 08:
Based on yDNA it's doubtful this family is connected to my Robinson's. Click here to see why.

North Carolina
Here are a number of deeds listed with the variation of the name THOMAS ROBINSON found in old Anson, Mecklenburg and Tryon Counties NC.

1749 THOMAS ROBERTSON petitions NC Council at new Bern for land warrant for 400A in Anson Co NC. 11 Apr 1749 NC Colonial Records.

Note: Others rec'ing grants that day are: John Price, John Clark, James Mackilwean, Richard Graham, Geo Davison.

1749 THOMAS ROBERTSON petitions NC Council at New Bern for land warrant for 250A in Anson Co NC. Granted 13 Apr 1749 NC Colonial Records.

Note: Others rec'ing grants that day are: Joseph McDowall, John Beaty, Edw Givins, Rbt Kilcriss.

1749 THOMAS ROBERSON LG 180A on SS Catawba Riv 5 or 6 miles below Rbt Leeper joining the Riv. Granted by NC Council 30 Sep 1749. Issued and recorded 24 May 1754 Anson Co NC. Land in todays Gaston Co NC.

1. Edw Givins, Wm Sherrill, Joseph McDowall also issued deeds this date from NC Council.
2. 10 Mar 1716 Cecil Co MD Thomas Jacob patented 200A. 13 Dec 1725 Thomas Jacob sells this land to Wm Sherwill [Sherrill].

1749 THOMAS ROBINSON LG 160A in anson on SS Catawba opposite mouth of Stoney Crk and adj Riv. Entered 11 Apr 1749 recorded Bk 2 Pg 18 4 Apr 1750. Prob in todays Mecklenburg Co NC.

1. On 22 Oct 1752 this land was later sold by THOMAS ROBINSON to Edw Givens.
2. Samuel Givens, father of Edw, John and James, was in the Cumberland Valley by 1735 and Augusta Co VA by 1738.
3. Survey for Geo Robinson on ES Givens survey. Augusta Co VA 17 May 1738.
4. James Cathey and Rbt Turk wit will of Saml Givens in Orange Co VA 2 Oct 1740.

1751 THOMAS ROBERSON petitions NC Council at New Bern for land warrant for 800A. Granted 1 Oct 1751 NC Colonial Records.

1753 THOMAS ROBINSON listed adj John Cathey LG 821A in Anson Co NC bet N and S forks of Catawba Riv. Grant 306 Pg 58 12 May 1753.

Note: John Cathey and wf Jean "lately came from Ireland, how in County of Augusta VA, intending to travel and settle in Carolina sell to Saml Wallace 300A in Beverly Manor on Cathey Crk, a middle branch of Shanando, part of 466A sold by Beverly to Wm Cathey 28 Sep 1738 and by death of Wm (died intestate) descended to John Cathey, his oldest brother".

1753 THOMAS ROBINSON listed adj John Turner LG 340A in Anson Co NC on SS Catawba Riv. Grant 319 Bk 10 Pg 384 30 Aug 1753.

1753 THOMAS ROBINSON listed in LG for Wm Barnett 450A in Anson Co NC on SS Catawba adj Henry's and John Turner "the place formerly surveyed for THOMAS ROBINSON on 23 Feb 1754". File 938 (305); Grant 797; Bk 10 Pg 421 31 Aug 1753.

1. Wm Henry listed as "to Carolina" in 1750 Tax List in Augusta Co VA.
2. Survey for T. ROBISON for 250A in Tryon Co NC of BS Robison Crk on 20 Feb 1771 was first issued to Wm Barnett, however, Barnetts name is crossed out and THOMAS ROBISON name put in.
3. John Robinson, Hannah Henry admin est of Wm Henry in Apr 1774 Tryon Co NC.

1762 THOMAS ROBINSON, Francis Beaty wit deed bet Moses Moore of Anson Co NC to Valentine Mauney of same 370A on NS Indian Crk adj Joseph Cloud, dec'd. 170A granted to John Moore, dec'd, then conveyed to Jeremiah Potts, then to Moses Moore and 200A granted to Moses Moore 10 Apr 1761. Bk 1 Pg 579-581 23 Nov 1762.

1. Indian Crk in todays Lincoln and Gaston Co NC.
2. Francis Betty listed in John Christian's Militia Company in Augusta Co VA 1742. Others listed in the same company are Rbt McClenachan, Nicholas Leeper, James Robinson, Thos Shield, John Robinson.
3. Joseph Reed, taylor, to David Sayers Jr land adj James Robinson, Francis Beaty and Christians Crk. DB 2 Pg 138 15 Sep 1748 Augusta Co VA.
4. Wm Beverly to Thos Shields 202A in Beverly Manor adj William Robinson, Col James Patton, Francis Beaty, John Cowan. DB 2 Pg 212 5 Apr 1749 Augusta Co VA.

1762 THOMAS ROBINSON, planter, buys 300A from Moses Moore of Anson Co NC on BS Indian Crk. Wit Valentine Mauney, Francis Beatey. Bk 1 Pg 581-584 24 Nov 1762.

1763 THOMAS ROBINSON listed adj in deed bet John Cathey and wf Mary of Mecklenburg Co NC to Benj Hardings Jr of same for land bet N and S Fork Catawba Riv granted to John Cathey 12 Mar 1753. Bk 2 Pg 354-356 17 Jan 1763.

Note: Benj Harding in Cpt James Gill's Militia Company in 1742 Augusta Co VA.

Augusta Co VA
Listed below are my notes from Augusta Co VA. The name Robinson is much more common in Augusta Co than it was in NC where you find many Robinson variations.

20 Aug 1748 Augusta Co VA: Robert and Wm. Christian to lay out a road from Black James Armstrong's to Wm. Long's mill, thence to James Alexander's fence, with these workers: James Armstrong, George Rutlidge, Thomas Rutlidge, James Caldwell, James Armstrong. James Frain, William Robb, John Christian, James Alexander, John Black, John Wilson, Anthony Black, Wm. Wright and William and John Robinson.

1. 1781 May Rutherford Co NC: THOMAS ROBINSON sells Negroes, cattle and swine to James Armstrong of SC. Rutherford Co Minutes of Ct & Qtr Session says "one negro woman and two children, 32 head of cattle, 30 head of sheep and all his [Robinson] stock of hogs and all his corn and wheat".
2. James Armstrong & wife Janey left Ireland and arriving in America in 1734, with Father & Mother & family in 1734, first settling in Augusta Co., Va. Father may have been James Armstrong and Jane Beatty.
3. 10th November, 1754. Augusta Co VA Robert Armstrong's will: Daughter, Hannah Kircum. 1/3 of tract he now lives on bought of Col. Patton; daughter Catherine Finney, 1 English shilling; sons, John and Robert tract on Mill Creek bought of John Allison; sons (and daughters), infants, viz: James and Benjamin; daughters (under 18); to son, James, entry on head of McClure's Run; wife, Martha, executrix; daughters, Martha, Alice and Agnes, infants. Teste: John Mathews, Sr., William Woods, John Mitchell. Proved, 21st November, 1754, by Mathews and Mitchell, and Martha qualifies executrix, with sureties John and Joshua Mathews.
4. 21st May. 1757. Augusta Co VA Bryan McDonald's will: To son Bryan McDonald, 1/2 of testator's land where he (Bryan, Jr.) used to live; to son-in-law John Armstrong, other half of plantation above where testator now lives to daughter Prisia, bed she now lieth upon; to wife Catherine; to son Richard, 5 shillings; to sons James, Edward, Joseph and Bryan McDonald, remainder of estate; to daughters Rebecca Bean, Catherine Armstrong, Mary Smith. Executors, wife Catherine and son-in-law John Armstrong. Teste: Joseph McDonald, George Robinson, Edward McDonald. Proved, 18th August, 1757, by Edward and Joseph McDonald. Both executors qualify with Edward McDonald and Joseph McDonald.
5. James Robinson, son of George Robinson II, had a dau Catherine that married a Bryan McDonald in New Castle DE in 1715. Catherine may have died abt 1760 in Botetourt Co VA.

1753 John Robinson Sr to Wm Robinson 200A, part of two tracts patented to John Robinson 25 Jul 1746 on South Fork of Goose Crk adj Joseph Robinson. Test: Charles Brookin, John, THOMAS, Joseph and Esther Robinson. DB 5 Pg 429 14 May 1753 Augusta Co VA.

1. This is John Robinson s/o James Sr giving Wm his share of the original LG. The original grant to John Robinson was for 800A on S Fork Roanoke Riv. DB 5 Pg 429 25 Jul 1746. More on this deed below.

2. The is the way that family looked. Order of children may be incorrect:

James Robinson Sr b ? d 1751/1753 Augusta Co VA m/? Esther
Note: James Sr may have been a brother of Geo Robinson found on Tinkling Crk in Augusta Co VA.
1. John b ? d 1756 Augusta Co VA m/1752-3 Mary Crockett. She married second James Montgomery.
   1-1 Elizabeth b c1754 d ? m/1772-4 Alexander Montgomery
2. James b ? d? m/? Mary. Possible this is the James Robinson who died Lincoln Co NC.
3. William b ? d ? m/bef 1754 Margaret Gorrell
4. Samuel
6. Joseph
7. Ann b ? d ? m/? Jacob Brown
8. Elizabeth (Betty) b ? d ? m/1754 Augusta Co VA John Draper

3. May 1761 Augusta Co VA Kennedy vs Robinson.
Joseph Kennedy and John Madison against Elizabeth Robinson, an infant, as only daughter and heir-at-law of John Robinson, deceased, by Mary Montgomery, her mother and guardian, 1761. John Robinson lived in South Branch of Waters of Roanoke and was surprised and murdered by the Indians about September 1755.

4. August 1762 Augusta Co VA David Robinson vs Elizabeth Robinson.
David Robinson complains: In 1746 James Robinson, cousin of orator, now (1762) deceased took up 800 acres on South Fork Roanoke intending the same for his two sons, John, the eldest and THOMAS, and allotted the same to each. Patent taken in name of John who was to convey his part to THOMAS. John died 1756 intestate leaving Elizabeth, his only child, about 8 years old. THOMAS sold his 100 acres to orator in 1761.

5. November 1763 Augusta Co VA Madison vs Kennedy.
William Robinson deposes 10th September, 1763, that in 1753 or 1754 his late brother, John Robinson, where deponent lives.

6. November 1763 Augusta Co VA Madison vs Robinson.
William Robinson was brother of John Robinson, who was murdered by the Indians. John Robinson sold land to Joseph Kennedy, who sold to McGavock, who sold to Madison. Land on Roanoke.

7. 26 Mar 1767 Augusta Co VA John Madison vs Robinson.
Defendants are James Montgomery and Mary, his wife, late Mary Robinson, widow of John Robinson, decd. Elizabeth Robinson, an infant and only dau of sd John Robinson, decd, and Mary Montgomery. James Robinson empowered his son John to buy 800A on Roanoke from Geo Robinson and patent taken out in John's name, but John to convey a share to each of his brothers, according to Jame's appointment. James died and John made a conveyance to his brother Wm, but never conveyed to his brother THOMAS. John died intestate in 1756 leaving a wf Mary and one dau Elizabeth, an infant and widow who married James Montgomery. THOMAS sold his right to Samuel Crockett and Crockett to Madison. Sworn 6 Aug 1771 and recorded Mar 1773 Augusta Co Ct.

8. 28 May 1768 Augusta Co VA Crockett vs Robertson.
Agreement bet Samuel Robinson of Cumberland Co PA and Samuel Crockett of Augusta Co dtd 24 Oct 1767. Robinson sold tract of land to Crockett on South Branch of Roanoke adj Wm Robinson and James Robinson, decd, on main road to New Riv, it appearing that the right to the land is in an orphan of John Robinson, decd. Bill recites that one James Robinson, decd, then living in Penn, with pretty numerous family, sent his eldest son John Robinson to Roanoke, who bought land on his father's account from George Robinson. James Robinson came with his family and divided his land between his children. John Robinson had a brother William Robinson and also Samuel Robinson. The title to the land was taken in John Robinson's name and he never conveyed his dividend to Samuel Robinson. John Robinson died leaving his dau Elizabeth Robinson, his only child. The family was broken up by the Indians and French and Samuel Robinson moved to the SS of the Blue Ridge and became very poor and sold his land to Samuel Crockett. Elizabeth Robinson was an infant. Jacob Brown and Ann his wife depose 17 Feb 1768 to above facts. Ann Brown is the dau of James Robinson.

9. 2 Aug 1805 Alexander Montgomery and Elizabeth his wife vs Madison.
Eliz is the only dau of John Robinson who owned land on Roanoke and was killed by Indians about 1756, Eliz being then only two years old. THOMAS ROBINSON was a brother of John. Alexander and Elizabeth married 1772. (This suit is a sequel to suits in County Ct, wherein it appears that James Robinson sent his son John from Pennsylvania to Virginia to buy lands, etc.) Answers of Garnett and John H. Peyton show that they each married a dau of Elizabeth and Wm Madison (who was son of John). Land is in Montgomery Co. THOMAS ROBINSON lost his life at the big defeated Camps on the other side of Cumberland Mountains. All his family were either killed or taken prisoner. Orators live in Kentucky. Hugh Crockett deposes he came to the Roanoke country in 1749 and the Robinson's were already there. Hugh's sister married John Robinson. The Crockett's and Robinson's had been neighbors in Lancaster, Penn. THOMAS, Wm and Samuel were sons of James Robinson, who had six sons. Samuel Crockett was brother of Hugh. John Robinson came to Roanoke in 1743 or 44. James Robinson, grandson of the original James, aged 67 years, deposes that previous to 1757 he lived in Augusta about 107 miles from the land in controversy. He moved to the Roanoke country in 1762 or 1763. John Robinson's wife, mother of oratrix Elizabeth, was Mary. Wm Davis deposes they were married 1752 or 3. John was called Long John. John Draper Sr deposes 5 Apr 1806 that John Robinson came to Roanoke in 1745. The sons of James were John, Wm, Samuel, THOMAS, Joseph. John Draper's first wife was a sister of John Robinson. He was married Apr 1754. Col Wm Robinson deposes from Fayette Co Kentucky, 27 Apr 1806 that John Robinson owned the land, sold it to Kennedy for a negro which he had seen in possession of his sister, mother of Elizabeth. Col William is brother of Col David Robinson, lately deceased.

10. 1756 THOMAS ROBINSON, Wm Robinson, Samuel Robinson wounded at Ft Vause on 25 Jun 1756. John Robinson killed on 11 or 12 Sep 1756 at Ft Vause. All were from an attack by the French and Indians. Preston Papers files with State Historical Soc of Wisconsin.

More deeds between Robinson's and others in Augusta Co VA:

1738 Wm Beverley to Geo Robinson 892A 20 Feb 1738 in Beverley Manor. Others getting deeds that date are: Wm Cathey, Samuel Givens, James McClure.

1738 Geo Robinson survey 17 May 1738 on ES Givin's survey and the Riv. Note: Geo Robinson has many deeds listed and may have been a cousin of James Robinson Sr. Geo's home was on Tinkling Crk.

Possible lineage of THOMAS ROBINSON. I've tried to use source material where possible but some of these dates may be wrong. Use with caution.

George Robinson b abt 1636 d bef 1693/4 New Castle Co DE m 1661 Ann Curtis b 1641 New Castle Co DE
1. George Robinson II b abt 1666 Ireland d 8 Sep 1738 New Castle Co DE m 2 Nov 1688 Newark MM Brandywine New Castle DE Catherine Hollingsworth b May 1663 Ireland d 29 Jun 1746
   1. Mary b 1689 New Castle Co DE m 13 Aug 1710 Thomas Jacobs b abt 1684 Ireland d?
   2. Ann b 1690 d 1749 m 10 Mar 1710 Abraham Hollingsworth b 19 Jan 1686 d Oct 1748
   3. George b 1691
   4. Catherine b 1693 New Castle Co DE d 1 Dec 1720 m 21 Sep 1716 Newark MM Brandywine New Castle DE Jeremiah Wollaston b? d?
   5. Rebeckah b 1695
   6. Valentine b abt 1705 d? m 1740 Elizabeth Booth b? d?
2. James Robinson b 1667 New Castle Co DE d? m/1 Catherine Howell b? d? m/2 Martha Perkins b? d c1694 DE
   1. George III (CPT) b 1692/1696 New Castle Co DE d 1763 Augusta Co VA m/ Martha b? d? she m/2 aft 1763 Joshua McCormick (they go to KY)
   2. Catherine b c1694 New Castle DE d c1760 Botetourt Co VA m 8 Dec 1715 New Castle DE Bryan McDonald Sr b? d?
   3. Ann b? d? m Stephen Hollingsworth b ? d ? prob Bladen Co NC s/o Henry
   4. James b? d 1751 or 1753 Augusta Co VA m Esther b? d?
   5. THOMAS b? d?
   6. William (COL) b? d? (goes to Fayette Co KY)
   7. Joseph b? d?
   8. John b? d?
   9. David (COL) b? d bef 1806 ?Botetcourt Co VA m bef 1768 Annabell
   10. Priscilla b 8 May 1715 in White Clay New Castle DE m 16 May 1735/6 New Castle DE William Graham b abt 1691 New Castle DE d 18 Mar 1786 Botetourt Co VA
3. John Robinson b 1675 New Castle Co DE d aft 19 Jan 1727/28 Brandywine, Newcastle DE m Mary Buckley b abt 1677 New Castle PA d?
Note: 1696 tax for NS Brandywine Crk New Castle DE lists John Buckley, George Robinson, Valentine Hollingsworth, Henry Hollingsworth, Thomas Hollingsworth, Joseph Cloud, John Cloud
   1. James b abt 1706 New Castle PA d?
   2. Ann b abt 1708 New Castle PA d?
   3. John b abt 1710 New Castle PA d?
   4. Mary b abt 1712 New Castle PA d?
   5. George b abt 1714 New Castle PA d?
4. Joseph Robinson b 1677 New Castle Co DE d bef Apr 1754 New Castle Co DE m 2 Apr 1712 Kennet MM Chester Co PA Elizabeth Harlan b? d abt 1754 Chester Co PA
   1. George b? d?
   2. Ann b? d?
   3. Rebecca b? d?
   4. Rachel b? d?
   5. Mary b? d?
   6. Martha b 28 Jan 1726 Christiana Hundred New Castle Co DE d 21 May 1766 Kennett Township Chester Co PA m 31 Oct 1745 Old Kennett MM Isaac Mendenhall b 03 Oct 1719 in Pennsbury PA
   7. Ruth b? d?

Notes on the above:

1. James Robinson will proved: 30 Dec. 1726, New Castle Co., DE.
James Robinson. Yoeman. Dec 4, 1726 Son George; dau Cathren Mack Donald; dau Ann Hollingsworth; wife Cathren; children, James, THOMAS, William, Joseph, John, Priscilla, Daniel or David, and boy, Robinson; Brothers George and Joseph Robinson. Ex wife Cathren and son James.

A Moore connection to THOMAS ROBINSON:

Mary Green b abt 1665 England d Aug 1770 Concord Twp Chester Co PA married Richard Moore and 2d Joseph Cloud. Mary was the dau of Thomas and Margaret Green. Mary Green Moore had 3 known brothers: Robert, John and Thomas. Thomas Green had a son named Henry who married Betty Hollingsworth. George Robinson II had married Catherine Hollingsworth who was the dau of Valentine Hollingsworth. Valentine had a son named Samuel Hollingsworth who married Hannah Harlan. Their dau Elizabeth (Betty) Hollingsworth married Henry Green abt 1734 Chester Co PA. George Robinson II and Catherine Hollingsworth Robinson would have been the uncle and aunt of Betty Hollingsworth Green.


1. 1689 Richard Moore purchased land in Concord Twp Chester Co PA

2. Richard and Mary Green Moore had at least 5 children: Mary, John, Thomas, George and Susannah. Mary married William Fleming abt 1700 but had a son named Benjamin born abt 1696 in Chester Co PA. It is thought that Benjamin may have been the son of George Peacock and Mary Moore and Benjamin was born out of wedlock. Bejamin Moore married Elizabeth Pardin and their children are: Aaron, Elizabeth who married Samuel Biggerstaff, Moses and John.


Chester Co PA Tax List:
1715 Kennet Valentine Hollingsworth Thomas Robinson
1715 Concord (now in Delaware Co) George Robinson
1718 Conestoga Richard Robinson William Sherrel
1718 Coventry Israel Robinson
1719 Israel Robinson "from Skoolkill to Brandiwine"
1720 "Schoolkill above French Creek" Israel Robinson
1721 Schuylkill Israel Robinson
1721 West Nottingham James Robinson
1722 Israel Robinson district was called Scoolkil
1722 Upper and Lower Chichester Edward Robinson
1724 Coventry Israel Robinson
1725 Concord Benjamin Moore
1725 Connestoga Adam Sherall
1725 Coventry Isarel Robison
1725 East Nottingham John Robison, Israel Robison, James Cathay
1725 Edgemont Wm Robison
1725 New London ??? Robison
1725 Peque Samuel Robison
1725 Upper Chichester Edward Robison
1727 Uwchlan Edward Robison

Pequea: First mentioned as a separate district in 1720. The district became a part of Lancaster County in 1729.
Coventry: The first settlers here were assessed in 1718 as the "highest district from Skoolkill to Brandiwine." In 1720 there was an attempt to divide the district between Coventry and Nantmeal, and the district called "Scoolkil" was taxed alone in 1722.