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On 4 Nov 1843 from White Co TN Margaret Price, dau of Thomas Robinson, submitted these bible pages as proof of her husbands age in a Rev War pension request. The Declaration and associated paperwork is quite lengthy and will not be reproduced in its entirety here, although I do have copies of her entire file. The part of the Declaration concerning this bible and how she obtained it says this:

"she states that she has a record of her said husbands age now in possession made out in his own hand in writing which was the family bible of her fathers and which presented to her at the death of her father..."

"the same sheet with my age and my late husbands together with names and ages of her two brothers William and Thomas Robertson her own maiden name being Robertson it being one side of the title page of the new testament part of her fathers old family Bible with much scribling on the title page side which book and record has been in her possession ever since she was married..."

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Front Page of Thomas Robinson's Bible

Front Page of Thomas Robinson's Bible
The New
of our
Lord and Saviour
Newly Translated out of the
And with the former
Diligently Compared and Revised
By his Majesty's Special Command
Appointed to be Read In CHURCHES
Printed by Richard Watkins His Majesty's Printer. M.DCC.XLVI.

Note: Other markings found on this page must have
been from someone practicing their printing.

2d Page of Thomas Robinson's Bible

2d Page of Thomas Robinson's Bible

Margret Robson was born
in the year of our Lord 1768
Augst the 6th
William Robison was born
in the year of our Lord 1770
December the 8th
Thos Price was born
(other writing unreadable) July the 9th of 1766
Thomas Robinson was born in the
year of our Lord 1772
June the 1st (other writing unreadable)
Shadrach Price was born
May the 1st 1791
Sally Price was born March
the 23rd 1793

1764 Robinson Creek Deed

1764 Robinson Creek Deed

North Carolina
Mecklenburgh County
Survey'd for Tho: Robinson
the Annex'd Plan of 430, acres
of Land in said County, on the
North side of the Second Broad
River, including the Mouth
of the first Large Creek, above
the Indian Path, Beg at a
Pine and Running S12W300,
poles to a Black Oak then So
78W. 260 ples to a Pine
then N12 S. 300 poles to a
Pine, and thence N78 S260
poles to the beginning.
By Francis Beatey D. Sur.