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William Hughes
B: ?1752 Bladen Dist NC
D: 24 Apr 1833 Wilsonville
Shelby Co AL
Buried Old Chapel Methodist Church
Wilsonville, Shelby Co AL

Married c1780 Columbia Co GA

Sarah Mary Eades
B: 1766 VA
D: 23 Aug 1853 Union Parrish LA
Dau of John Eades

Name Born Died Married
John E. ??? ??? ???
Syltha S. 22 Mar 1788 ??? Benjamin Harper
B: 29 Sep 1787
D: ???
M: 10 Jul 1810
1855 Syltha living in Shelby Co AL
James A. ??? c1834
Shelby Co AL
William Jr c1792 ??? ???
1855 William living in Shelby Co AL
Abner A. 1 Nov 1797 GA 15 Dec 1862
Tallapoosa Co AL
Loachapoka Cemetery
Lee Co AL
Elizabeth Kidd
B: 4 Oct 1810
Elbert Co GA
D: 1883
Tallapoosa Co AL
Loachapoka Cemetery
Lee Co AL
M: c1829
Shelby Co AL
Henrietta c1800 GA ??? Cader Powell
B: c1806 GA
D: ???
M: ???
1855 Henrietta living in Shelby Co AL
Jeptha c1802 ??? ???
1855 Jeptha living in Union Parrish LA
Mary E. c1809 ??? Simeon Chapman
B: ???
D: ???
M: ???
1855 Mary living in Union Parrish LA
Order of children may not be correct. Sarah Hughes states in her Rev War pension request that she had 11 children by William Hughes.

Revolutionary War Soldier William Hughes Sr was a Revolutionary War soldier from Wake Co NC who enlisted in 1776 as a Private in the NC Militia and applied for a pension on 20 Aug 1832. His first enlistment was as a Private for 18 months in the company commanded by Cpt Drury Kade in the Regiment commanded by Col Benjamin Few. He was then assigned to the company commanded by Cpt Ignatius Few and was in the battle of Waxhaw. After Waxhaw William was employed as a scout in Georgia under Maj James Moore of NC. He was then discharged having served 18 months. He then volunteered as a Private for 5 months in the NC militia under Cpt Woodson Daniel. He was in the battle of Briar Crk and then was discharged by Cpt Blount at Hillsborough, NC. He then served 2 months as a Private in Cpt Matthew McCullen's NC Militia Company.

American Revolution Pension Statements & RostersPension application of William Hughs (Hughes) W7822:
The State of Alabama Shelby County: County Court of August Term 1832. On this 20th day of August 1832 personally appeared in open Court before Leonard Tarrant Judge of the County Court for the said County of Shelby now sitting, William Hughes a resident of the County and State aforesaid, aged about Eighty years, who being first duly sworn, according to law, doth on his oath make the following declaration in order to obtain the benefit of the act of Congress passed June 7th 1832. That he entered the service of the United States under the following named Officers and served as herein stated. Applicant states that he entered the Service of the United States in the year 1776 as well as he can recollect. That he lived in Wake County North Carolina when he entered the service, that he volunteered and was commanded by Captain Drury Kade [Drury Cade], William Bugg Lieutenant in the Regiment commanded by Colonel Benjamin Few, that he served about three months under Captain Kade who resigned that he was then commanded by Captain Ignatius Few, that he was in the battle of Nassaw [Nassaui] in which Captain Few was taken prisoner. That he was then commanded by Captain Williams, during his command he was principally employed in scouting parties on the rivers Satilla and Altamaha in Georgia against the British Indians and Tories, that during this time he was under the command of Major James Moore of North Carolina by whom he was discharged having served 18 months. That during this service Colonel Few resigned and he was then under Colonel William Baker and then under Major John Baker and lastly by Major John James Moore. That he was discharged by Major Moore at Purinsburg [Purrysburg] on Savannah River. That his discharge with other papers was washed to pieces in his clothes.
S/ William Hughs, X his mark

That in his second tour he volunteered for five months in the North Carolina Militia under Captain Woodson Daniel and James Harad Lieutenant during which time General Rutherford was our commanding officer one Collier was our Colonel. That he was in the battle in which General Ash [John Ashe] was defeated at Brier Creek [March 3, 1779] in Georgia below Augusta during which time their rendezvous was principally on Savannah River in South Carolina. That he was discharged by Captain Blount at Hillsboro North Carolina. That his third tour was for two months in the North Carolina volunteers under Captain Matthew McCullers of North Carolina Wake County and fought under old General Butler against Colonel Fanin [David Fanning] and Hector McNeal, both Tories, in which McNeal was killed, on Cane Creek in North Carolina. And returned home without any discharge. That he does not recollect the dates of his discharge. That he did not serve with any Continental troops neither does he recollect any of the regular officers, except Colonel William Washington whom he knew. Applicant states that hehas no documentary evidence in his possession or elsewhere that would establish his claim. That he knows of no person now living that can prove the service of applicant, the last of applicant's Associates in the war is one Major Simon Hadley who was alive about a year since a resident of the Cumberland County North Carolina. He hereby relinquishes every claim whatever to a pension or annuity except the present and declares that his name is not on the pension roll of the agency of any state.
Sworn to and subscribed the day and year aforesaid S/ William Hughs, X his mark [James Walker, a clergyman, and O. B. Hovis gave the standard supporting affidavit.]

Answers to 7 questions propounded by the Court to the applicant agreeably to the directions contained in the printed form and instructions issued by the Department of War. 1st I was born in Bladen District or County South Carolina in 1752 2nd. I had a record of my age but have lost it. 3rd. I was living in Wake County in North Carolina near Raleigh when I went into the service. I resided in said County till about 1783 when I removed to Richmond County in Georgia. I then removed to Columbia County then to Warren County Georgia then to Montgomery County Georgia. I then removed to West Tennessee Franklin County where I resided nine years. In 1813 I removed to Alabama where I now reside.

4th. Anr. I volunteered when I entered the service.

5th Anr. There were no regular officers with the troops where applicant served, neither were there any Continental troops along, he thinks he has named all the officers whose names he recollects, except Major Sharp and Adjutant Laughman who were under General Rutherford, whose aid de Camp was James Rutherford. Applicant [Camden] give no better account of hisservices that already stated, volunteered in North Carolina served 3 tours, as he has stated and served in North and South Carolina in Georgia and in a scout on St. Mary's River.

Anrs. 6th. I was twice discharge from the service but lost my papers as stated but the last time was dismissed without a discharge.

Anr. 7th. The court will call Green McLeroy, Isaac Ertill [?], Sam. W. Reardis [?], Danl. E. Walroid [?] and Sam Nabors and O. B. Hovis. [fn p. 5: On August 18 1834 in Shelby County Alabama, Sarah Hughes, the widow of William Hughes exhibited in court the pension certificate of her husband under which he was to receive $80 per annum for his service in the revolution during his natural life; the certificate of pension bears the number 13773; that her husband died April 24, 1833; and that she seeks to recover the pension due him as of the date of his death.][fn p. 18: On November 4, 1839, in Shelby County Alabama, Sarah Hughes, about 73 years of age, filed for a widow's pension under the 1836 act stating that she is the widow of William Hughes, a private in the North Carolina militia and a pensioner for his service in the revolution; that she married him about 3 years after the close of the Revolution the particular date not recollected; that she has no record of said marriage; that they were married by Charles Crawford in Columbia County Georgia by advertisement; that she and her husband had 11 children; that her husband died April 24, 1833 in Shelby County Alabama and she has remained his widow ever since.][fn p. 29: On November 13, 1854 in Shelby County Alabama, William Hughes, 62, made a claim under the 1838, 1843, 1844 in 1848 acts in his capacity as the administrator of the estate of Mrs. Sarah Hughes, deceased, widow of William Hughes; that her name prior to her marriage was Sarah Eades; that her husband died in Shelby County Alabama April 25 1833; that she remained his widow until her death in Union Parish state of Louisiana August 23, 1853; that she died leaving 6 children who still survived her of whom declarant is one.][fn p. 48: On December 2, 1854 in Shelby County Alabama, Abraham Farr gave an affidavit in which the names of the children of the veteran and his wife who survived the death of the widow are given as follows:
Syltha Harper, about 66 years old (a resident of Shelby County Alabama)
William Hughes, about 62 years old; (a resident of Shelby County Alabama)
Abner A. Hughes, 58 year old (a resident of Chambers County Alabama)
Henrietta Powell, about 54 years of age and a resident of Shelby County Alabama;
Jeptha Hughes, about 52 years of age, a resident of Union Parish, Louisiana;
Mary E. Chapman, about 45 years of age a resident of Union Parish Louisiana

1805 William Hughes of Montgomery Co GA winner in 1805 GA Land Lottery and took possession 18 Dec 1805 of land in Dist 4 Wilkinson Co GA.
1800 and 1810 census records for TN are lost.
1812 (January) tax list of Franklin Co TN a William Hughs is listed.

Hughes In 1820 Shelby Co AL Census
Name Males
Over 21
Under 21
Over 21
Under 21
William Sr 1 3 1 2
*William Jr 1 2 0 1
**Ennes 1 2 1 0
***George 1 2 1 3
***Ralph E. 1 0 1 2
*Known Son   **Possible Son   ***Unknown
William Hughes Grave
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Wm Hughes Grave Stone