Abel Lewis

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The Eaves family sees it this way.

Abel Lewis 2
B: c1733
D: ???

Married ???

Charity Berryman
B: ???
D: ???

Name Born Died Married
Charity Berryman 1759 After 1830
Perry Co, AL
Bartlett Yancy Eaves
B: 1765
D: after 1830
Perry Co, AL
M: 1783
Rutherford Co, NC

Bartlett Yancy Eaves was the son of Graves Eaves Jr and his wife Martha Nancy Yancey. We know that Bartlett and Thomas Robinson Jr left Rutherford Co, NC about the same time and ended up in Jasper Co, GA together. Thomas Robinson Jr sells land to Bartlett in the early 1800's in Jasper Co. Here are the names of the children of Bartlett and Charity Berryman Lewis:

Nancy Eaves born about 1784 Rutherford Co, NC.
Graves Perry Eaves born about 1786 Rutherford Co, NC
Abel Lewis Eaves born about 1789 Rutherford Co, NC
Bartlett Yancy Eaves born about 1792 Rutherford Co, NC
Howard Harvey Eaves born about 1794 Rutherford Co, NC
Burrell Eaves born about 1796 Rutherford Co, NC
Jesse Berryman Eaves born about 1798 Rutherford Co, NC
Charity Eaves born about 1800 Rutherford Co, NC

Two of these names, Abel Lewis and Jesse Berryman are the exact names Thomas Robinson Jr and Sarah Lewis named their sons. Does this shows that Charity Berryman was an earlier wife of Abel Lewis and perhaps the mother of Sarah Lewis Robinson? Perhaps, but to date, I've found nothing that shows Abel Lewis had a wife named Charity Berryman.

Note: James Flinn of Rutherford Co to son John Flinn of same, for L200, 70 acres on the east side of the Second Broad River, part of a survey made for William Eves 9 Aug 1787, said land I now reside upon. Witnessed by Abel Lewis, Adam Wallar, and Sally Lewis Junr. Rutherford Co Deed Book O, Pg 171, 25 Sep 1795. Another interesting deed because we now have a "Sally Lewis Junr". You have to believe this is Thomas Robinson Jr's wife Sarah Lewis and since the junior is being used, Abel's wife Sarah was still alive.

The Berryman name, used for the last six generations in my family, is a mystery on where it came from. My Great Aunt Helen Robinson Graves, who wrote a book on our family history believed it came from a man named Jesse Berry who married Abel Lewis's widow after he died. His step daughter, Sarah Lewis Robinson liked him so much she named a son, Jesse Berryman Robinson, after him. Today we know that is incorrect and that Abel Lewis was still alive when his daughter, Sarah Lewis Robinson, married Thomas Robinson Jr.

Another possibility was Berryman Hicks. The Hicks family had married into the Berryman family and had carried the name down through several generations. It was thought Berryman Hicks may have been the preacher who married Sarah Lewis and Thomas Robinson Jr and they used the name. But, that wouldn't explain why Bartlett Eaves used the name much earlier than we did.

Questions that need answering:

1. If Charity is Abel's first wive, was Jesse Berryman her father? We know Abel Lewis's wife was named Sarah in 1795. Did he have two wives?
2. It's been said that Abel and Charity were married in Hanover Co, VA. which is a burned county. This suggests Peter and Abel came from the David Lewis Sr's family of which there is no prove that I've seen.