Abel Lewis

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Abel Lewis
B: ???
D: After 1818

Married 6 Jun 1773

Sarah Baker
B: ???
D: ???

Name Born Died Married
Abel Jr ??? ??? ???
Sarah (Mary Sallie) 29 Apr 1778
Prob Rutherford Co, NC
25 Apr 1863
Chambers Co, AL
Buried Sharon Cemetery
Chambers Co, AL
Thomas Robinson Jr
20 Jun 1797
Rutherford Co, NC
?Peter ??? ??? 18 Nov 1817
Rutherford Co, NC
Click here for a second possibility for Abel Lewis's wife and another child which adds to the mystery of where the name "Jesse Berryman" came from.
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Where Abel Lewis was born is unknown. We have no early record of him, but have to believe he grew up on Lawson Fork and worked his fathers mill as a young man. The only way we know his wife's name is from Pugh's Diary which states Abel Lewis married Sarah Baker on 6 Jun 1773 (See South Carolina Magazine of Ancestral Research, Vol 5, #3). Where is not known or is anything about her. Abel appears to be educated as he was listed as the "school master" in Rutherford County, NC in 1800.

Abel participated in the Revolutionary War. There are several entries in the National Archives for an Abel Lewis (M853 Roll 16), but I can't verify these are my Abel Lewis so I have chosen to leave them out. Here are some others:

  • The South Carolina Archives (A.A. 4539; R209) have several entries for Abel during 1780 and 1781.

  • Abel Lewis was in Captain Thomas Price's Company as a horseman from 1 Jun 1780 to 20 Sep 1781. During those dates Thomas Price's Company was under Col Siever during the Kings Mountain battle on 7 Oct 1780 and also in the Siege of Augusta, Georgia between April and June 1781. Whether Abel Lewis participated in these battle is unknown.

  • Abel Lewis, Rutherford Co NC, 1780, Sergeant, under Cpt Adam Hampton and Col Andrew Hampton. NC Patriots 1775-1783 Vol 2 part 2 pg 582.

I'm not sure exactly when Abel Lewis moved from Spartanburg Co, SC to Rutherford Co, NC. The 1782 Tax List is the first record I've found on him in Rutherford Co, but you have to believe he was there earlier than that. There are numerous deeds listed below that pertain to him through the early 1800's. When he left Rutherford Co, NC is unknown or exactly where he went. There are two Abel Lewis's listed in Coosa Co, AL as early as 1837. One of these may be Abel Lewis Sr.

Note: According to the will of George Lewis, Abel's older brother, Abel was still alive in Mar 1818. George's will is recorded in Spartanburg County, SC, A-138 Box 17, Pkg 8, dated 21 Mar 1818. The will names his brothers: Ephraim (who lives in Spartanburg Co), Isaac, Abel and Isiah who are all out of state. Sisters are named Mrs. Polly Boley and Mrs. Peggy Elison.

Documents on Abel Lewis

The 1782 Tax List for Captain Robert Rankins Company of Rutherford Co, NC list Abel Lewis with: Land: Not Listed Negroes: 0 Horses: 2 Cattle: 4 Assessment: 44.

Abel Lewis called for jury duty. Oct 1782 Rutherford Co, NC.

Thomas Price, principal, and Thomas Tramel and Abel Lewis "securety acknowledge themselves indebted to the State of North Carolina the principal in the sum of L100 on condition that Thomas Price make his personal appearance at the next Superior Court for Morgan District on the first day of March next". Minutes of Court and Quarter Session Pg 170 Oct 1783 Rutherford Co, NC.

Note: This is Thomas Price Jr. Thomas Price Sr was killed in the Siege of Augusta in 1781.

Abel Lewis enters 200 acres in Rutherford County on Puzzell Creek, a branch of the Second Broad River adjacent Graves Eves land. 13 Dec 1784 Pg 29 Rutherford Co, NC Land Entries.

Graves Eaves of Rutherford Co to Abel Lewis of same, 109 acres for L60 North Carolina currency, land on east side Second Broad River including his own improvements, near Catheys line, granted to said Eaves 28 Feb 1775. Pg 472-3 Rutherford Co, NC Deeds 5 Dec 1785.

Ordered that a didmas potestatum issued to South Carolina on behalf of Abel Lewis to take John Boid, William Boid Jr, Hance Harper Jr, all living on Fishing Creek in York Co, SC. Minutes Court and Quarter Session Pg 314, Jan 1786, Rutherford Co, NC.

Abel Lewis on jury Apr 1786, Rutherford Co, NC.

William Nevil, Esquire, Sheriff of Rutherford Co to Abel Lewis of same, by virtue of a "wright" issued by the Court of Pleas and Quarter Session against the property of George Winters, execution recovered by Abel Lewis for L4 S1 P7. Sheriff took possession and sold tract to Abel Lewis for L30, 200 acres on "Robeson Creek" on or near half a mile of the mouth and "Roberson" land including Abel Lewis Mill. Rutherford Co Deed Book J, Pg 73, 12 Oct 1789.

1790 Census of Rutherford County has Abel with the following:
White Males 16 & Over: 1 White Males under 16: 1 White Females all ages: 2 Slaves: 1.

Thomas Robertson (Robinson) of Rutherford Co to Barteelotte Eves of same for L250, 10 acres of both sides "Robenson Creek" of Second Broad River near a half mile from the mouth...including Barteelote Eaves house...crossing the new Lincoln road...including the mill shoals...being the north corner of a grant to Thomas Robeson (Robinson) 17 (16) Nov 1764. Witnessed by Thomas Hawkins, Abel Lewis. Rutherford Co Deed Book L Pg 68, 13 Nov 1792. Recorded 28 Jan 1795.

Abram Irvine, Esquire, Sheriff of Rutherford Co to Abel Lewis of same, per an execution from Rutherford Court against George Winters, L75 S5 P6 recovered by Abel Lewis, also L4 S1 P7 costs; exposed to sale for L5, 250 acres on a branch of Winters Mill Creek on the wagon road from Gilberttown (Rutherfordton) to the Island ford on Main Broad River. Rutherford Co Deed Book P, Pg 87, 18 Jan 1795. This appears to be the completion of the 1789 court action.

Abel Lewis to John Sullins, both of Rutherford Co, for L60, 50 acres on the north and east side of "Robesons Creek", the lower part of 200 acres granted by William Nevil, Esquire, high sheriff to Abel Lewis, beginning at the mouth of Abel Lewis's Spring Branch in Thomas Robertson's (Robinson) line. Rutherford Co Deed Book P, Pg 14, 13 Apr 1794.

Thomas Hawkins of Rutherford Co to John Robinson of same, for L30, 30 acres on Second Broad River joining Thomas Robinson and Thomas Cavender's entry. Witnessed by Abel Lewis and Sarah Lewis. Rutherford Co Deed Book 13, Pg 283, & January 1796.

Thomas Hawkins of Rutherford Co to Halbert Hawkins of same, for L50, 100 acres on west side of Second Broad River at the mouth of Buck Branch, part of a 200 acres granted to William Eaves on 26 Apr 1786. Witnessed by Abel Lewis and Sally Lewis. Rutherford Co Deed Book Q, Pg 103, 11 Jan 1796.

Note: This is an interesting deed because it show "Sally" Lewis. I suspect this is Abel's wife Sarah and she went by the name "Sally". Their daughter Sarah Lewis who married Thomas Robinson Jr also went by the name "Sallie/Sally".

William Robertson (Robinson) of Rutherford Co to Thomas Hawkins of same, for L170, 100 acres on the east side of the Second Broad River, part of a tract granted to Thomas Robertson (Robinson) 16 Nov 1764, and conveyed to William Robertson 17 (13) Aug 1793. Witnessed by A. Lewes (Abel Lewis) and Alexander Cooper. Rutherford Co Deed Book O, Pg 36, 15 Jul 1794.

James Flinn of Rutherford Co to son John Flinn of same, for L200, 70 acres on the east side of the Second Broad River, part of a survey made for William Eves 9 Aug 1787, said land I now reside upon. Witnessed by Abel Lewis, Adam Wallar, and Sally Lewis Junr. Rutherford Co Deed Book O, Pg 171, 25 Sep 1795. Another interesting deed because we now have a "Sally Lewis Junr". You have to believe this is Thomas Robinson Jr's wife Sarah Lewis and since the junior is being used, Abel's wife Sarah was still alive.

Thomas (John lined out) Robinson enters 300 acres in Rutherford Co adjacent Thomas Cavander, Cartwright to the east, Abel Lewis to the northeast on Puzzell Creek and Joseph Burinett. 13 Jan 1796, Pg 107, Rutherford Co Land Entries.

Thomas Robinson Jr marries Mary Lewis (daughter of Abel Lewis) on 20 Jul 1796, Rutherford Co, NC. The bondsman was John Robinson.

Abel Lewis and John Robinson (probably the John Robinson that is listed as bondsman on Thomas Robinson Jr's marriage certificate) enter 260 acres in Rutherford Co on eastside of Second Broad River and on the waters of Puzzel Creek adjacent James Flin, George Lewis (brother of Abel), John Robinson, Langum, Waterson, Whitesides, Samuel Thomason. 9 Sep 1797, Pg 146, Rutherford Co Land Entries.

Bartlette Eaves of Rutherford Co to James English of same, L100, 10 acres on Robeson Creek of Second Broad River near a half mile from the mouth. join Abel Lewis spring branch, Bartlette Eaves house, crossing the Lincoln road near twenty poles toward Rutherford Courthouse, including the mill and shoals, part of a grant to Robeson 17 Nov 1764. Witnessed by Abell Lewis and William Leveritt. Rutherford Co Deed Book 14, Pg 340, 15 Sep 1797.

Abel Lewis of Rutherford Co to James English, Iron Master of same, L150, 130 acres on Robesons Creek half a mile from the mouth, granted to George Winters 21 Jul 1774, joining Abel Lewis Spring Branch, Robison, Lincoln Road. Witnessed by Bartlette Eaves and William Leveritt. Rutherford Co Deed Book 14, Pg 341, 15 Sep 1797.

Abel Lewis is not listed in the 1800 census of Rutherford Co, NC. I have no idea where he was during this time. He clearly had land in Rutherford Co both before and after the census. It's possible he was missed.

Abel Lewis enters 50 acres in Rutherford Co on eastside Puzzel Creek adjacent his own land, Thomas Hawkins, Joseph Akins, John Watterson, Thomas Flemming on eastside. 12 Jul 1803, Pg 291, Rutherford Co Land Entries.

Abel Lewis is a member of the Concord Baptist Church (Bostic NC) in 1804 according to the church minutes. Concord Baptist Church is one mile south of Bostic in Rutherford Co. Other members are Luke, Thomas and John Robinson.

Deed Book 24 to 26 pg 99-101 15 Oct 1805 Rutherford Co NC. Thomas Robinson of Rutherford Co from Wm Carson Sheriff of said County... in virtue of an execution against Abel Lewis by James Cook for thirteen pounds... the Sheriff did seize goods and chattels of said Abel Lewis and sold twenty acres of land beginning at a persimmon on the Rock Spring thence down Lincoln Road to Abel Lewis's Spring Branch said tract is part of a 200 acre tract patented by George Winters 21 July 17??. Said land was sold for thirteen pounds, five shillings to Thomas Robinson. Wit: Luke Robinson and James English.

Revolutionary War Soldier
Abel Lewis Revolutionary War Document
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Abel Lewis Revolutionary War Document

Passed the 16th of March 1783, We the COMMISSIONERS of the
TREASURY, have this Day delivered to
Mr. Abel Lewis
this our INDENTED CERTIFICATE, for the Sum Of
Sixty Eight Pounds two Shillings and
ten Pence Farthing Sterling for 477 Days
Duty in the militia in 1780 and 1781 as
afm Account Audited
the said Abel Lewis
his Executors, Administrators, or Assigns, will be entitled to receive from
this Office the Sum of Four Pounds Fifteen Shillings
and Four Pence
on the Demand
one Year's Interest on the principal Sum of Sixty Eight Pounds
two Shillings and ten Pence farthing
and the like Interest annually.
The said Abel Lewis, his Executors, Ad-
ministrators or Assigns, will be entitled also to receive, and shall be paid, if
demanded, the principal Sum of Sixty Eight Pounds two
Shillings and ten Pence Farthing
on the Fourteenth of May 1787
And the said Abel Lewis
his Executors, Administrators or Assigns, may make any Purchases at any
Public Sales of Confiscated Property, (except such as shall be ordered by the
Legislature for Special Purposes;) and this INDENT shall be received in
For the true Performance of the several Payments in Manner above men-
tioned, the PUBLIC TREASURY is made liable, and the FAITH of
the STATE pledged by the aforesaid ACT.
GIVEN under our Hands at the TREASURY OFFICE, in
CHARLESTON the Fourteenth
Day of May One Thousand
Seven Hundred and Eighty-Five.
J. Mitchell Commissioners of the Treasury
L. 68-2-10 Principal
L. 4-15-4 Annual Interest
No. 209
Book. R

Abel Lewis Letter
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Abel Lewis Letter

February 25 1786
You'll please to grant to Capt George Lewis
an Indent for my Publick acct with Interest and
you'll much oblige Your most Obed Servant
Abel Lewis
To the Commissioners
of the Treasury of South Carolina